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Jobs at HP - Sweden
Welcome to HP – the world’s largest IT company with 320,000 employees in 170 countries. In Sweden we have around 1,600 employees and offices in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö.

Since being established in 1967, HP Sweden has become a well-known brand in both the consumer and business markets. Combining tradition, strong values, energy and vision, our constant aim is to become the leading supplier of IT solutions.

Working at HP means having the freedom to choose what is best for you. Moreover, you’ll find limitless opportunities in areas such as sales, marketing, finance and IT, while working with clients in a range of business sectors from telecom and finance, to marketing, trade and service.

HP is represented all around the world, just like our clients. This means an international flavor at work, and career opportunities you may never have considered. Want to work abroad? Do it through us.

Do you have the motivation?
If you’re ready to invest in a career at HP, we’re ready to invest in you. With dedication and the right attitude, you’ll develop and create the kind of career you’ve always envisioned.

We seek experienced candidates with a unique competence, and new graduates. Most importantly though, we want individuals who are eager to learn and develop, who are excited by new influences and who are always ready to give their best.

If this sounds like you, then don’t hesitate. Your dream role could be waiting.

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