HP StoreAll Storage is ideal storage for the new generation of private and hybrid cloud applications. A converged file and object storage platform, HP StoreAll is hyperscale, harnessed, instant, and economic.

The StoreAll object storage REST interface – standard in StoreAll OS v6.3 – provides simple, programmatic data access from anywhere over the ubiquitous Internet and from practically any client device. With industry consistent command syntax and the simplicity inherent of object storage, both leading cloud application providers and in-house developers alike are finding HP StoreAll Storage to be a superior component of their solutions.

Private and hybrid cloud archives

iTernity Compliant Archive Software
“Customers are wanting increased flexibility and security for their archive platforms. The combination of iCAS and HP StoreAll Storage provides this. iTernity plans to support the object storage interface in HP StoreAll Storage to enable private cloud and hybrid cloud archives for customers.” – Niko Hensler, CEO, iTernity

iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) is an open and flexible long-term archiving solution for securing and protecting your organization’s data. Sitting between over 60 different ISV archive applications and HP StoreAll Storage, iCAS prevents your data from being manipulated or deleted and provides for greater security and capacity savings with the option to encrypt and compress data.

iTernity plans to support the iCAS Cloud Connector with the HP StoreAll object storage interface, enabling you to securely aggregate compliance archives from individual branch offices to a central office archive. This will be just the beginning, with expanded support for the object storage interfaces in HP StoreAll storage planned for the future.


User file sync and share solutions

Citrix ShareFile with StorageZones
“Citrix has been at the heart of providing leading IT solutions for a changing IT landscape, where users rely more and more on their own devices and anywhere access. We are excited to expand Citrix ShareFile in the future to support the scale-out file and object capabilities of HP StoreAll Storage – enabling IT to provide users with secure access to data from any device and location while meeting data sovereignty and compliance requirements.” – Jesse Lipson, VP & GM, Data Sharing, Citrix

User mobility and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trends are challenging IT to reconcile employees’ desire to access data on any device from anywhere with the need to protect intellectual property and address compliance requirements. Citrix ShareFile with StorageZones enables IT to regain control over employee data sharing – providing an enterprise-class, IT-managed, data sync and sharing service where user data can be securely stored on-premise or in the cloud.

Together, HP and Citrix are addressing the growing customer interest in object storage. Citrix plans to support ShareFile with StorageZones using the HP StoreAll object interface in the future, thus expanding on-premise and hybrid deployment options for joint customers.


Signiant Media Shuttle
“Media Shuttle defines a new class of file sharing solution tuned for the movement of large, high-value digital assets that are typical of media content creators, aggregators, and distributors. Combining with HP StoreAll strengthens the value that Signiant delivers. Signiant plans to enable new deployment opportunities for customers by integrating with the HP StoreAll object interface in the future.” – Doug Cahill, VP, Business Development, Signiant

Media Shuttle defines a new class of file sharing solutions tuned for the movement of high-value digital assets tens or hundreds of gigabytes in size—providing simple interfaces delivered from the cloud; enterprise-class security; acceleration; and, storage control. Media Shuttle portals can be flexibly configured in Send, Share or Submit modes to support the needs of any project, team or media enterprise. By combining the best of online file sharing and accelerated file transfer software, Media Shuttle offers a next-generation alternative to FTP servers.

Taking full advantage of the capabilities of HP StoreAll Storage, Signiant plans to support Media Shuttle with the StoreAll object storage interface, providing joint customers with highly scalable, on-premise converged file and object storage deployment options.