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HP 32GB SmartMemory

Achieve maximum server capacity without compromising performance

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HP SmartDrive for ProLiant
Gen8 servers

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HP SmartDrive for HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers

Accept no substitutes: build better server and storage solutions with HP Qualified Options

HP Qualified Options provide better performance, reliability, and compatibility with HP ProLiant, Integrity, and Storage systems. HP Qualified Options are also integrated with many HP system management tools and can help lower your operations costs when compared to other non-HP products.

Watch how HP Qualified Options benefit your Enterprise workloads

HP Qualified Options - Enterprise


Qualified Options

HP Qualified Options portfolio

Explore the portfolio of HP Qualified Options for any of your server and storage needs.

Server workload acceleratorsServer workload accelerators

The HP PCIe Workload Accelerators support the applications in your data center environment that require the lowest latency response times and blazing performance in terms of IOPS. HP provides a wide range of performance, endurance, price and capacity choices to meet the needs of your high performance data center applications.

Server computational and graphics acceleratorsServer computational and graphics accelerators

The HP Server Computational and Graphics Accelerators increase application performance to solve complex parallel problems and render high-fidelity 3D images in minutes instead of hours. HP provides a wide range of performance, price and form factors to meet your computational and graphics requirements.

Data protectionData protection

Complete Business Intelligence (BI) platform that speeds up how you access, analyze, clean and shape both internal and external data and accelerates reliable, mission critical applications so businesses have access to the right data to make better decisions, faster.

Flash media devicesFlash media devices

If you require boot-from-flash for integrated hypervisors and first tier operating systems, HP offers high performance enterprise flash media kits specifically for those needs. With high data retention and read write cycles, HP flash media devices are available in both SD and MicroSD form factors.

Hard disk drivesHard disk drives

HP hard drives are the best storage options for best price advantages, high availability, and reliable data integrity for both mission and non-mission critical applications running on your HP systems. Available in both SAS and SATA, select from a variety of capacity points to meet your storage requirements.

Network adaptersNetwork adapters

Rely on cost-effective, dependable computer networking products from HP to keep IT running at peak performance. HP ProLiant IT networking products have been designed, developed, and tested to deliver state-of-the-art networking technology to ProLiant server customers.

Server Host Bus AdaptersServer Host Bus Adapters

Provides flexibility and speed customers have come to expect from HP.

Optical drivesOptical drives

HP optical drives offer you both DVD ROM and DVD RW solutions. Available in half-height, slim, and super slim to fit any HP systems in your data center.

Power suppliesPower supplies

Modular and highly efficient power options for your HP server, storage, and networking solutions. Support for multiple input voltages to cover all your data center power needs.

Smart MemorySmart Memory

HP SmartMemory provides your company with the same high quality, reliability and confidence that you have come to expect with HP ProLiant servers. As an HP Qualified Option, HP SmartMemory is thoroughly tested beyond standard industry practices with HP ProLiant servers to ensure compatibility, performance, longevity, and reliability.

Smart Storage controllers and optionsSmart Storage controllers and options

HP Smart Storage Controllers and Options are designed to maximize performance, data availability and storage capacity for your HP ProLiant servers.

Compliance and Key ManagementCompliance and Key Management

HP Secure Encryption with Enterprise Secure Key Manager secures your most critical asset, data (payment card data, personal identifying information, electronic health records, intellectual property, defense and classified information) and protects it at all times. HP Secure Encryption is a controller-based encryption solution for HP ProLiant Gen8 servers that protects data at rest on any bulk hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD) storage attached to an HP Smart Array Controller.

Solid state drivesSolid state drives

HP enterprise solid state drives (SSDs) are best suited for your enterprise environments that have highly random data under a variety of write-workload applications requiring significantly better random read and write performance than rotating hard disks. HP enterprise SSDs have the key features you need in your data center—full data path error detection, surprise power loss protection, and SmartSSD wear gauge support.

Partner SoftwarePartner Software

HP tests, certifies and supports a broad range of partner OS and virtualization software on HP ProLiant servers. HP resells and provides full service and support for Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Canonical Ubuntu Server, and VMware. Also resells Cloudera, Hortonworks, Scality, and Cleversafe with support provided by the partner.

HP 32GB SmartMemory

Achieve maximum server capacity without compromising performance

The demands on your IT organization have never been greater—the stringent performance requirements of applications fueled by mobility, cloud, social and Big Data continue to increase while IT budgets remain lean. That makes it a challenged to deliver greater performance from existing server investments. HP can help.

HP SmartMemory was made for HP ProLiant Servers

HP SmartMemory is ideal for HP ProLiant Gen8 and Gen8 v2 servers. It allows you to extract all the memory performance, dependability, and power savings that the HP ProLiant Gen8 server is designed to deliver. In fact, 32GB HP SmartMemory delivers up to a 25% increase in memory bandwidth to improve application performance.*

The Confidence of HP Qualified Options

You trust HP ProLiant servers for their quality, reliability and performance to keep your business running. As an HP Qualified Option, every genuine HP SmartMemory DIMM has been through our rigorous qualification process to ensure compatibility, performance, longevity, and reliability. More importantly, HP SmartMemory unlocks certain performance and high efficiency features optimized for HP ProLiant Gen8 and Gen v2 servers and provides future enhanced support through HP Active Health System and manageability software.

Choose HP Qualified Server Memory for the same high quality, integration, reliability and confidence that come with HP ProLiant servers.


*HP SmartMemory is certified, performance tested and tuned for HP ProLiant, 32GB LRDIMM support 3 DIMMs per channel at 1333MT/s running at 1.5 V or 25% greater bandwidth than RDIMM. See the HP SmartMemory QuickSpecs for more information.