Prevent data exfiltration with malware filters

HP TippingPoint ThreatDV (formerly known as Reputation Digital Vaccine –RepDV) is a subscription reputation security service that enables organizations to prevent and disrupt malware activity. The combination of reputation security feeds and malware filters allow customers to leverage ThreatDV to protect their sensitive data and optimize network performance.

The malware filters are designed to detect infiltration, exfiltration, phone-home, and command-and-control traffic. The malware filters are delivered through an Auxiliary Digital Vaccine (DV) package, updated weekly to keep customers protected from the latest advanced threats.

ThreatDV also includes an intelligence feed that is a global database of malicious or undesirable IPv4, IPv6, and Domain Name System (DNS) names. The reputation security feed collects data from HP TippingPoint ThreatLinQ global intelligence network, DVLabs malware repository and honeypot network, third-party commercial sources, and open source black lists. A threat score of 1 to 100 is assigned to each entry based on DVLabs analysis of the activity, source, category, and threat. This security intelligence feed is updated multiple times a day.


Key features

  • Disrupt malware activity and prevent its goals such as ransomware, data exfiltration, espionage, click fraud, etc.
  • Intercepts targeted phishing attacks from compromising users’ systems
  • Prohibits zero-day attack exploits from known attackers before signatures are available
  • Prevents sites that use fast-fluxing IP addresses by blocking DNS host names

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