The business rides on the network performance

In today’s dynamic setting, networks are more critical than ever for business operations. Networks are the backbone of business operations, and management teams have a vested interest in the successful operation of the enterprise communications network.

It’s the network that allows people, devices, applications, and systems to connect to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Network reliability as a given is something we can no longer afford and therefore, we must fundamentally reinvent the way we think about and manage networks or we will be unprepared for the challenges ahead.

Organizations are rapidly adopting a wide range of technologies that inherently rely on the network. These technologies include virtualized infrastructure — including private and public clouds that place demands for increased bandwidth on networks that are already quite complex and overburdened.

Our proven network services leverage 40 year of experience and industry best practices and deliver an effective global network infrastructure for today and in the future. Services include:

  • Unified Communications / UCaaS
  • Network Application Services
  • Network Management Services

Accelerated Networks Drive Better Business Outcomes

Our viewpoint paper discusses how clients can use the network as a good starting point by focusing on networked application performance to drive end results such as innovation, growth, and strategic success.

Drive better outcomes - Harness the power of SLAs - Viewpoint paper (PDF 847 KB)


HP supporting your business – transforming your network

Enterprise networks must be more powerful and intelligent to keep up with the new style of IT. Cloud, Security, Mobility, and Big Data are pushing networks to the breaking point, requiring more bandwidth, scalability, reliability, and security.

While the network is business critical - it is not the core focus for most clients. The enterprise still has to manage the business and financial side of the network, ensuring it is as efficient as possible, while providing seamless access to information and supporting more and more applications for employees, vendors, and partners.

A more open, efficient network means you can operate more cost-effectively, support users and support business objectives. HP can help you stay ahead of these challenges with a network that is responsive to business needs to day and in the future.


Networking Services

Network Application Services
Take advantage of HP’s Network Application Services to quickly and effectively solve networked application problems, improve performance, manage bandwidth capacity and model planned changes.
Network Management Services
HP helps clients maximize current investment in their network while simplifying network management, improving security, and reducing cost of operations.
Unified Communications Services
Dramatically increase employee productivity while driving down telecom costs 30-50%. Supports phone, IM, presence, web conferencing, and video conferencing. Available as a premises-based solution and as a hosted service in a highly available architecture to ensure communications quality and performance.