Simplify your processes

The HP Insurance Notification Clearinghouse Services is an automated clearinghouse that uses electronic data interchange (EDI) to streamline the exchange of information among insurers, lenders, leasing companies, government agencies and trackers. It bridges a multitude of protocols, transmission requirements, and data formats, eliminating the need for multiple interfaces and the costs associated with them.

The service provides a way to send your notification forms to one source and know they will be delivered promptly to the associated lender. Our U.S. service saves your company money and simplifies your process channels.

Service Offerings

Auto, Mortgage and Flood Insurance Notifications

We send your notifications to the associated lender using our electronic connections. We send notifications daily (Monday through Friday).

State Reporting Notifications

We send your insurance notifications to the proper authorities determined by each individual state, based on the state’s requirements. Compliance is maintained. We help you file the correct auto liability insurance documents depending on where the vehicle is garaged.

Return Mail Service

We process returned mail that insurance companies receive daily. Any non-deliverable mail is returned to our clearinghouse. We re-process the transactions based on the forwarding addresses provided.

Website Notification Services

Check your policies and validate coverage in the event of a lawsuit. This allows you to recover transactions if they need to be viewed again. We offer this self-service option to validate coverage on your auto, home, or flood policies. Leading authorized lending institutions can verify coverage on our site.