Realize the promise of Virtualization

HP Virtualization Services are consulting, education, implementation and support services that help you realize the results that virtualization promises. Through Virtualization Services we help you develop a virtualization strategy that matches your business and IT needs. We design the solution. We can install the solution, train your staff and help you transition it into production. And we help you merge your virtualized environment into effective and efficient operations processes.

The drive to virtualization—for data centers and clients—promises to reduce both acquisition costs and operations expenditures. And it can give IT more control over a complex environment. In turn, you must promise business users equal or better service than they would receive with dedicated resources. Virtualization Services help you achieve the benefits promised, and they help you deliver on promises you make to the business.

Start Services for VirtualSystem
The services deliver a combination of systems, software and rapid implementation with operational readiness assessment, factory integration services and onsite HP VirtualSystem for VMware VSphere 5.0 deployment. It enables clients to maximize performance for virtual workloads, scale resources predictably, and simplify configuration and management.

Beyond the hypervisor

Server virtualization is a standard part of the repertoire in most IT shops. And many have increased server utilization from 20 percent to 50 percent or more. Now, IT seeks the same benefits with storage, network and client virtualization. As virtualization moves into broad-scale deployment, IT must find ways to maintain the benefits without increasing cost and risk.

We ask business users to share servers and cede control of their desktop to IT. So IT must look beyond the hypervisor to management software and the operations and service management processes that make it work. Virtualization across the data center—servers, storage and networks—moves us toward the infrastructure model needed for cloud computing. But success requires a holistic approach that improves IT people, process and technology.

Data Center Virtualization

We offer an array of services to help you reach your goals quickly and reap benefits earlier: Consulting, Integration, Education and Support services.


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