Cut contact center costs and streamline operations

Technology environments are increasingly more complex, and IT resources are limited. While driving growth and market share is imperative, the demand to reduce costs and streamline customer operations continues to mount. Customer Engagement as a Service provides a comprehensive suite of contact center services delivered via the cloud to help organizations respond more quickly and efficiently to market changes and provide a consistent customer experience across channels while cutting capital costs.

Respond quickly and efficiently to market changes

Customer Engagement as a Service provides a cloud-based environment to manage a multichannel contact center infrastructure with a complete suite of contact center tools, communications network and operational processes—all supported by a highly skilled virtual global support team. HP provides the technology environment while our clients retain the agents, enabling them to redirect resources from managing technology to managing customer relationships.

The service is comprised of the following packages:

Base Package
  • Command center—Initiate agent access, update workflow
  • Multichannel—Route voice, email, chat, scanned documents, text SMS and fax-based workflows to agents
  • Soft phone—Resides on the agent’s desktop with status bar and availability indicators

Preferred Package
  • Call recording—Play back 90 days of all voice calls
  • Quality monitoring—Evaluate agents and provide recommended training
  • Workforce management—Forecast workflow, schedule agents and manage schedules real time

Premium Package
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)—Provides platform for voice prompts, speech recognition and/or text-to-speech; IVR application development is also available
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI)—Integrates IVR/application data to streamline workflow and enhance customer experience