You can securely adapt to change

As users flock to cloud environments, enterprises are moving quickly to embrace new models to capture the benefits of cloud computing. The critical common element is enterprise information. Protecting the flow of information as it moves in and out of the organization is essential to successful adoption of public and private cloud strategies.

Our cloud security services can help you form better cloud strategies to manage data risk, reduce complexity, identify vulnerabilities and ease user access.

Learn how to defend your enterprise information

The inevitable threat to your share price (3:57 minutes)

What is the impact to brand and reputational damage following a breach?


The burden of proof, the cost of failure (4:30 minutes)

Watch how we expose the complexities and uncertainties of the issue of breach, and show why "wait and see" is not a valid strategy for enterprises.


Invisible cyber threats: How do you know you are safe? (4:19 minutes)

Learn what the repercussions to a security exposure can really cost your organization and how to be better prepared to respond to them.

You can securely embrace cloud computing. We can help.

Information is moving in and out of organizations faster than ever before. Traditional boundaries are disintegrating, allowing users to work from anywhere and share enormous amounts of information globally. They expect immediate access to information when they want it, on whichever device they choose. And they expect it to be secure.

Cloud computing offers attractive possibilities, including scalability, flexibility and continuity. But, information security remains a top concern.

We can help you adapt to changes in the way you do business.

Our Cloud Security Readiness Solution includes:

Cloud Risk and Control Assessment Services
Establish a cloud security roadmap (PDF 1.08 MB)

Threat and Vulnerability Management Consulting Services
Effectively find risks and vulnerabilities (PDF 1.08 MB)

Data Loss Prevention Services
Protect the flow of data at rest, in motion and in use (PDF 678 KB)

Vulnerability Management Services
Actively find and fix vulnerabilities (PDF 694 KB)

Strong Authentication Services
Ensure users are who they claim to be (PDF 674 KB)


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