New Application Transformation offerings for the New Style of IT

We have taken a holistic approach to enterprise application development, which allows you to deliver superior experiences for your customers and employees. Our new approach lives at the intersection of user experience design, cloud integration, and application modernization.

Partner with HP to design, develop, and deploy applications that are:

Intuitive - Deliver a superior end-user experience

Adaptive – Allow a dynamic integration of cloud-based and traditional applications

Simple – Reduce complexity and costs

Watch the video: Together, we can build more than apps (1:02 minutes)


Get more details about the new and enhanced portfolio:

User experience design
Deliver a compelling experience through the development of useful and engaging applications.

Application integration to cloud
Manage the integration of applications in a hybrid-cloud world to deliver innovative business solutions.

HP Anywhere
Discover a connected and collaborative mobile application development platform designed to fully integrate your enterprise.

HP Real User Monitoring (RUM)
Monitor the performance of your mobile apps and increase the quality of your user experience.

HP Performance Anywhere
Gain visibility into your mobile app performance, broken out by location, carrier, and transaction.


Applications are becoming the face of your organization

The explosive growth of applications that enhance the user experience, and foster long-term customer relationships, is challenging organizations large and small, public and private

We can help you bridge the gap between next generation development and the integration of your existing applications portfolio. We have managed and modernized the most complex application ecosystems over a broad range of industries for more than 40 years. We combine our specialized knowledge of legacy environments, the industry’s most complete and integrated cloud solution, innovative user experience design, and mobile development capabilities to help you delight your customers and grow your business.

Watch the video: Applications that make a difference (4:27 minutes)

See how Foundation Paraguay uses HP's Visual Survey Platform to improve people’s lives.

Watch the video: It’s all about customer satisfaction (3:24 minutes)

Discover how top fashion brand, Valentino, developed and implemented a portfolio of fully integrated mobile apps for their customers.

Get started on your journey to application transformation

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Together, we can build more than apps

Applications that make a difference – Foundation Paraguay and HP

Geoffrey Moore on Application Transformation - Intro


It’s all about customer satisfaction - Valentino and HP

Application Transformation Experience Video

Design and develop your applications withDesign and develop your applications with

A complete solution for all your mobile security, administration, distribution, and data-consumption challenges

A unified software platform for accelerating the delivery of secure, reliable, modern applications

Collaboration software that organizes knowledge into searchable conversations to help staff get more done

Embedded technology for aggregating information from multiple application development tools

Assess your applications withAssess your applications with

SaaS-based  software for rapid acquisition, synthesis and analysis of client application information

Consulting services and strategy workshops to define your application transformation strategy

Transform your applications withTransform your applications with

Transform: Determine the cloud suitability of your applications

Transform legacy applications to agile computing environments of the future with Application Services from HP.

Manage your applications withManage your applications with

With HP Applications Management Services, HP experts offer managed services and dynamic portfolio management to allow you to control continual alignment of your application portfolio.

Monitor the performance of your mobile apps and increase the quality of your user experience.

Gain visibility into your mobile app performance, broken out by location, carrier, and transaction.

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