Managing data security risks

Chances are your company, like most, focuses considerable energy and resources on maintaining firewalls to safeguard its networks, IT equipment and proprietary data. A tougher question is how to maintain data security as you remove older PCs, servers and other outdated IT equipment you own from service.

Just like equipment currently in use, unneeded IT systems may contain information you need to protect long after the device that houses it is outmoded. Considering the risks, you need to safeguard proprietary information on IT equipment removed from service.

Let us help

  • We have more than a decade of experience in IT Asset Recovery and Recycling.
  • We offer flexible data management options to meet your specific needs.
  • We remove all identifying information – such as labels and tags – and destroy any customer documentation, paperwork, CDs or floppy disks that inadvertently may have been left with the equipment.

The level of security your business needs

  • As part of Asset Recovery Service, we provide secure, industry-standard data eradication on all storage media within recovered devices.
  • For extraordinary needs we can provide options including destruction of the media followed by environmentally sound recycling of the materials.

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