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HP Command and Control Services enable defense organizations to more effectively sense, detect, process and interpret critical information. That lets you more effectively plan, manage and respond in campaigns, operations and crises.

We provide integrated command and control solutions. They access disparate information sources, correlate plans and data, and present information for accurate mission-relevant situational awareness. Our solutions enable analytics and the application of business rules to turn data into actionable information for fixed and deployed organizations operating in the business or battlespace.

HP solutions are developed for and used by defense organizations worldwide.

Improving command and control by applying information technology
As military and intelligence operations become more complex and data volumes increase exponentially, decision makers are challenged to achieve timely access to information that provides a comprehensive situational awareness while bringing critical information into sharp focus. Command and control information services must manage data against user-defined business rules to recognize patterns and provide predictive alerts to apparent anomalies. Comprehensive solutions will go beyond that to provide insight on potential impact on broader mission objectives and alternative courses of action and simplify organizational processes for information availability and access.

Command and control information services providers must bring broad capability and experience in fusing existing sources of data, information presentation in context, information analytics and complex event correlation. They must transform current processes to best-in-class solutions that holistically address operations, governance, architecture, and security.

Consultative approach—R&D—Systems Integration—Battlespace experience
Our consultative and collaborative approach begins by defining the information needs of users. Then we design solutions to collect, correlate and transform data into the information decision makers need. We provide:

  • Data integration and orchestration—to capture the information needed.
  • Choreography—to correlate events, applies rules and workflows, and highlights the right information.
  • Data fusion and real-time analytics—for reporting and geospatial modeling.
  • Visualization and presentation—to display user-defined and role-based information, from mobile devices to interactive touch walls.
  • Command operations centers—designed, built and operated to enable full continuity of operations.
  • Interoperability and collaboration tools—that work across the joint and combined spectrum.
  • Operational planning tools —to give decision makers the full continuum of information.
  • Complex event processing—to develop complex rules sets to synthesize data from disparate sources and detect anomalous events.

Why HP for defense command and control services?
We have more than 30 years experience developing command and control information systems. We have implemented and supported command centers. We have supplied information systems and provided IT infrastructure that supports command and control applications. Our experience includes:

  • Command and control systems—Joint Operations Command System, Project Overtask, and Bosnia National Operations.
  • Operations Centers—U.S. Navy Maritime Operations Centers in Hawaii, California, Virginia and Florida.
  • New technologies—Agile Joint Operating Picture (JOP), Agile Command Center and Cyber Security Command and Control (CSC2).
  • Military information systems—Aircraft mission planning systems, explosive ordnance databases and Link 16 network design.
  • Secure infrastructures—U.S. Navy Marine Corps Intranet, UK Defence Information Infrastructure Future, and the NATO Maritime Command and Control Information System.