HP Virtual Storage Appliances help you meet your storage needs with hardware you already own. StoreVirtual VSA, based on the LeftHand operating system, is a flexible shared storage solution that scales as needed. Turn any Microsoft or VMware virtualized server’s internal or external storage into virtual shared storage.

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Veeam + HP = super fast snapshot recovery

Co-developed for speed, Veeam software can restore virtual machines from HP StoreVirtual snapshots in minutes. Try HP StoreVirtual VSA and Veeam Backup & Replication together free for 60 days.

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HP VSA Community
Step 4 Install the Centralized Management Console. Watch the demo to see how easy it is to manage your virtual storage appliances
Technical White Paper: HP StoreVirtual Feature Summary
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Our customers around the world rely on HP Storage solutions in their virtualized infrastructures. Learn how they use HP StoreVirtual products to:

  • Lower costs
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  • Boost efficiency
  • Reduce risk

Customer success stories



"We are very much in favor of converged infrastructures, as they can provide a lot of equipment and power in a small space. The HP BladeSystem and HP LeftHand Storage achieve this, and complement each other well."
—Mark Woods, head of IT infrastructure and support, Vianet
Vianet case study (PDF, 548KB)


"Using HP LeftHand 4500 Storage makes virtualisation much easier. Flexibility means we can do anything we want on the system. It's very easy to bring up new services and to restore old servers very quickly without having to purchase a lot of new things."
—Roger Lewau, data center manager, Veidekke, Sweden
Veidekke case study (PDF, 1,964 KB)

Paul Horn GmbH

“The great thing about the HP LeftHand Storage System is its modular structure, which has allowed us to start off small, with only two nodes, and gradually scale up, which also makes it a future-proof solution for us.”
—Werner Pietruschka, head of IT Business Administration, Paul Horn GmbH
Paul Horn GmbH case study (PDF, 1,35 MB)


"We can expand the IT infrastructure in a way which was not possible before giving us the ability to scale the solution from the data center to remote offices. In terms of IT infrastructure, it means we don't need to do too much. We can concentrate on software and configuration issues."
—Johannes Schneider, managing director of Infrastructure, Ita Vero
HassiaGruppe case study (PDF, 197 KB)


“After the earthquake, with the flexibility and the agility that the HP LeftHand P4000 Storage provided us, we were able to quickly add capacity and deliver service to our customers.”
—Hamish Roy, Director, vBridge
vBridge case study (PDF, 687 KB)

Kettering Health Network

“Using HP Client Virtualization and VMware View, our 3,000 clinical users can easily save five minutes a day. That adds up to as much as 62,500 hours a year reclaimed for patient care.”
—Bill Hudson, Director of Information Technology, Kettering Health Network
Kettering Health Network case study (PDF, 699KB)

Unlock your server’s capacity

Software-Defined Storage Products

Software-Defined Storage Innovations

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Unlock your server’s capacity

Software-Defined Storage Products

Software-Defined Storage Innovations