Managing the unique and growing changes in both web serving and business over the past decade has created an ongoing IT infrastructure challenge. Using traditional rack mount infrastructure to scale has resulted in complex management overhead, power and space constraints.

While some businesses have turned to the use of public cloud services for their web serving needs, this has typically yielded higher costs and performance degradation. HP Moonshot with the HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridge can deliver a complete multi-tier web infrastructure in a single chassis delivering optimal performance that deploys and scales easily with less power and less complexity, in a dense form factor.


Multi-tier Web Solution on HP Moonshot

Delivers optimal performance that deploys and scales easily with x% less power.

Provides an infrastructure footprint that’s nearly 90% less with 97% less cabling – the equivalent of an entire rack of servers (42U) is contained in a 4.3U HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis.

TCO savings of up to x% over 3-years.