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HP-UX 11i v3 March 2015 Customer Webinar

Re-energize your mission-critical environment with NEW innovations for HP-UX

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IDC Analysis

The value of scaling up to HP-UX and business critical servers

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Because your business is always on

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When you need continuous computing for workloads vital to the enterprise, HP-UX is the answer. It provides a dynamic, highly secure and unified environment, built on the always-on resiliency demanded in mission-critical servers. The result is a proven infrastructure that accelerates business value and lowers your risk.

  • Mission-critical application availability for continuous operations
  • Stability and investment protection with decades of support
  • Highly-integrated UNIX for resiliency and ease of management

Why choose HP-UX?

  • HP-UX is #1 in customer satisfaction.1
  • HP Integrity and HP-UX power 100% of the telecommunications companies on the 2012 Global 100 list.2
  • HP Integrity and HP-UX power 75% of the pharmaceutical companies on the Fortune 100 list.3
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  1. HP Competitive Loyalty Survey, Ipsos Business Consulting, 2012
  2. 2012Global 100: CNN Money, July 23rd 2012
  3. Fortune 100: CNN Money May 21st 2012

Streamline your operations with the right UNIX computing environment

HP-UX 11i v3 comes in four different Operating Environments (OE) packages designed to ease your high availability UNIX experience:

  • Base OE (BOE), to get comprehensive security and system management
  • Virtualization Server OE (VSE-OE), if your focus is resource optimization
  • High Availability OE (HA-OE), to achieve the highest levels of uptime
  • Data Center OE (DC-OE) which combines the VSE and HA OEs, for maximum flexibility and availability

These software stacks run on the full range of Integrity servers and come pre-integrated and tested by HP engineering, so you can be assured that your UNIX environment is complete and built to work together. In addition, your operations are simplified, avoiding the need to obtain costly external integration services or manage the additional software and its support separately.


DataCenter Operating Environment (DC-OE)

Integrates functionality in VSEOE and HA-OE

High Availability OE
HA-OE adds:

  • Availabliity clusters –
    local and stretch
  • Availability toolkits for
    databases and Internet
  • lntuitive cluster
  • Pertormance analysis:
    system level
  • Advanced tile system and
    volume management

Base OE (BoE)
UNIX 0S plus:

  • System and power management
  • Networking
  • Hard partitions and containers
  • Comprehensive security for
    systems, data, and ldentlty;
    and auditing tools
  • Performance analysis kernel
    processes and applications
  • Baseflle system and volume

Virtual Server OE
VSE-OE adds:

  • Dedicated or shared
    resource virtualization
  • Capacity planning
  • Goal-based workload
  • Advanced infrastructure
  • Performance analysis:
    system level
  • Advanced file system and
    volume management
banner | HP-UX 11i v3 March 2015 Customer Webinar | 212x144

HP-UX 11i v3 March 2015 Customer Webinar

Re-energize your mission-critical environment with NEW innovations for HP-UX

Replay today

banner | new! idc analysis | 212x144

IDC Analysis

The value of scaling up to HP-UX and business critical servers

Download the whitepaper

Re-energize your mission-critical environment

Benefit from HP’s innovation on key areas of the Integrity and HP-UX portfolio.

With the HP-UX 11i v3 March 2015 release you can:

Increase availability:

  • Increase uptime with the dynamic online adjustment of virtual I/O delete , providing adjustment within a VM or vPar, maximizing virtualized I/O resources to VMs & vPars, and responding to changes in workload I/O demand
  • Achieve faster reboot times with Soft Reboot supported for server blades, Superdome 2 and VSPs by now adding support for: instant capacity (iCAP), HP-UX vPars and Integrity VM v6, and removing restrictions on active USB and graphics
  • Improve high availability for your virtualized environment with Serviceguard support for HP-UX vPars and Integrity VM v6.

Improve efficiency

  • Improve Java real-world performance and usage with: optimized Java Virtual Machine, tuned kernel and garbage collection, effective load balancing, improved Java APIs and updated performance analysis tools
  • Improve efficiencies with significantly reduced memory overhead –for your large vPar and VM v6 configurations*
  • Enhance your performance for applications running in large Integrity VM v6 configurations *
  • Ensure your critical virtualization workloads operate on the best resources leveraging SAN isolation to retain your I/O allocations throughout online VMmigrations
  • Simplify management with GUI support for mobility and transformation and full global workload management for vPars v6
  • Improve your capacity planning by identifying servers greater than 5 years old or with poor power consumption-to-performance ratio.

Achieve Stability

  • Connect safely and securely to the world with increased security from OpenSSL version 1.0.1j and application confirmation to the latest FIPS 140-2 standards, protecting against recent vulnerabilities, meeting requirements and providing the latest new features such as new ciphers and digests
  • Increase performance, resiliency and reliability while simplifying management with the new HP 6125XLG Ethernet10/40 Gb Blade Switch and its Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF), HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) and fully converged fabric support (released January 2015)
  • Future-proof your infrastructure with lower costs and power consumption, increased performance and reduced latency with the new HP Ethernet 10Gb Adapter for Integrity Servers (released February 2015)
  • Gain peace-of-mind with a long HP-UX 11i v3 & Integrity standard support life, extended to at least 2025

Learn more with Leverage the value of HP-UX 11i v3 technical white paper.


* Based on internal HP R&D testing February 2015, Bangalore, India. Individual results may vary.
Integrity server hardwareIntegrity server hardware

Highly resilient HPE Integrity server hardware delivering the high availability, scalability and operational efficiency critical for mission-critical environments.


Respond more rapidly to business requirements and reduce costs by enabling IT resources to be used efficiently with our comprehensive HP-UX Virtualization Continuum.


Manage your mission-critical workloads with flexibility and resiliency in a secure private cloud and see how HP's Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure along with HP CloudSystem Matrix with HP-UX work to centralize your physical and virtual server, storage and networking resources for agile provisioning.


Achieve business continuity and reduce risk with HP Serviceguard Solutions---giving you protection against faults and enabling downtime-free maintenance through resiliency in every component, from CPU to solution.


Protect your vital data, systems and identities against external and internal threats, and facilitate regulatory compliance through HP-UX's certified security solutions.

Migrate to HP-UX 11iMigrate to HP-UX 11i

Migrate your vital workloads to HP-UX 11i v3 on HP Integrity systems i4 servers using our proven, low risk, and cost-effective migration frameworks tools and methodologies. Preserve your software assets, and take advantage of the latest advancements in HP's Integrity server infrastructure and strategic UNIX operating system.

Development and performance toolsDevelopment and performance tools

Build, edit, debug, and deploy your own applications for critical workloads using our rich HP-UX 11i application development environment, available through open source or partners.

System managementSystem management

Simplify manageability with our system management software including easy-to-use System Management Homepage and the wide range of management products available for HP-UX.

Storage managementStorage management

Increase flexibility and adaptability to manage your applications and data HP-UX 11 with filesystems and storage management tools. Learn more:

For manageability and performance with a simple and flexible tool that enables you to manage your environment dynamically.

A subsystem for managing your disk space with value-added features that enhance availability and performance.

For simplifying storage management, increasing system performance and providing immense scalability.

Utility Pricing SolutionUtility Pricing Solution

We offer Instant Capacity (iCAP) and Pay per use (PPU) under our Utility Pricing Solution portfolio that makes high availability more cost-effective.HP Instant Capacity for HP Integrity Servers is a highly virtualized, automated, and easily managed utility offering. It allows you to defer hardware costs, simplify capacity planning, improve resource utilization and eliminate over provisioning.HP Pay Per Use (PPU) systems enable you to instantly and cost-effectively scale IT environment to support growing needs. It is designed for businesses with widely varying or unpredictable demand for computing resources.

Internet and networking solutionsInternet and networking solutions

The core of HP-UX 11i networking is a versatile implementation of the TCP/IP stack, capable of simultaneous support for both version 4 and version 6 of the IP protocol. Built around that core are networking products in the areas of mobility, multimedia, Internet, and web services.


HP Technology Services offers a full lifecycle portfolio of consulting and support services. To provide a superior experience, services range from strategy and design, assessment, implementation, training and support.


HP Support Services

HP Support Services

Rely on our broad technology services support portfolio to take full advantage of the technology driving your business, so you can deliver value to your customers. We provide support how, when and where you want it.

HP IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

HP IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

With HP's assistance, effectively plan, build and manage your IT infrastructure and facilities for increased efficiency, agility and business continuity.

Financing for Integrity servers

Financing for Integrity servers

Finance your total HP Integrity Server solution with attractive terms from HP Financial Services.

Choose from a variety of educational and technical webinars and videos to improve your working knowledge of HP-UX 11i v3 features.


Knowledge on Demand

Technical insights to help you optimize your application software performance and your HP-UX 11i v3 systems.

Choose from a variety of technical Webcasts deliver how-to instruction in a one-hour presentation-plus-audio format.

Transition to HP-UX 11i v3Transition to HP-UX 11i v3
Development for C/C++Development for C/C++

HP-UX Gems

Watch the HP-UX Gems video podcasts highlighting ten features of HP-UX's powerful mission-critical capabilities to help you get even more out of your HP-UX investment.

Capacity Analysis

  • Enhanced capacity planning capabilities
  • Helps you identify over-used, unused or under-used servers

Mass Storage Stack

  • Fully re-architected with HP-UX 11i v3

NPIV support in HPVM and vPar 6.x guest

  • Effective virtualization of physical Fibre Channel ports
  • Improved scalability, security, and availability of storage

HP Caliper

  • Powerful, general-purpose performance tool
  • Helps you identify how to improve application performance

Dynamic Root Disk

  • HP-UX system administration toolset that creates system clones on inactive disks
  • Safely update and repair active disks and minimize downtime

Serviceguard Manager

  • Enables easy deployment of clusters, toolkits and extensions for HP-UX 11i systems

System Management Homepage

  • Web-based interface which simplifies server management

Insight Control Power Management

  • Datacenter power management tool that optimizes, monitors and controls for performance and cost

Locality Optimized Resource Alignment (LORA)

  • Framework for increasing system performance