Protect your environment

Keeping your mission-critical environment safe is increasingly important and difficult in a world where security threats keep getting more serious and more complex. Stay protected with the comprehensive HP-UX security solutions, a broad portfolio of security features that will help keep you safe from threats and compliant with regulations. All security features are licensed and fully supported by HP as a part of all HP-UX Operating Environments.

4 key values for protecting your environment

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Protect systems

Avoid attacks, and detect and react to threats.

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Protect data

Ensure the confidentiality of your data in transit, in use, and at rest.

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Protect identities

Secure your entire infrastructure with simplified user authentication and access management, and with auditing of all privileged actions that take place.

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Security certifications

Utilize the assurance of neutral third parties regarding the diligence and quality with which HP designs and implements our HP-UX security offerings.