Tools that work for you

Build, modify, debug and deploy your own applications for critical workloads using our rich
HP-UX 11i application development environment, available through open source or partners, focused in these four key areas.

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Development tools

Choose from a wide range of development tools and products to help build complex and robust applications.

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Performance tools

Analyze performance, diagnose problems, avoid risks and discover opportunities using our array of performance analysis and monitoring tools.

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Java environment and tools

Make use of the full range of Java technology products on HP-UX systems.

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Open source software

Simplify, improve, and lower the cost of deploying open source in production environments with HP-UX.

Best practices from our labs to you - learn from the inventors

Invest in your ongoing success with Knowledge-on-Demand Webcasts, available at no charge. These technical Webcasts deliver how-to instruction in a one-hour presentation-plus-audio format, with associated slides and transcript. Our HP-UX engineers deliver technical insights to help you optimize your application software performance and your HP-UX 11i v3 systems.


Development tools

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Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together. ”

Doug McIlroy,

Inventor of UNIX pipes and one of the founders of the UNIX tradition

As a developer, you are empowered to choose from a wide range of development tools and products to help build and deploy applications within our application development environment. Utilize high-performing quality products to build complex and robust applications for HP-UX.

Advantages in technology

We provide high quality and high performing compilers for the C and C++ high level programming languages. These compilers utilize the full features of the Intel® Itanium® processors. The C and C++ compilers are bundled into a single product and are part of the
HP C/aC++ developer's bundle.


HP Wildebeest (WDB) is the HP supported debugger based on the popular open source GNU debugger, GDB. Enhanced for HP-UX, this will provide memory debugging and thread debugging capabilities to help detect dangling pointers, memory leaks, heap usage, and other rich features. A graphical user interface (GUI) is also provided as HP WDB GUI to visually debug applications.


For static analysis tool for C and C++ programs, we offer the HP Code Advisor. It reports on programming errors in source code and proactively helps developers write robust programs. Both HP WDB and HP Code Advisor are freely available to all HP-UX developers.


Leverage the popular Eclipse platform to build and edit applications for some of our popular tools, such as HP Caliper and HP Code Advisor. The HP-UX Development Environment for Eclipse helps you edit applications on your workstation on the Eclipse IDE, while compiling, running and debugging those applications on powerful Integrity servers.

HP Caliper

Choose this performance analysis and monitoring tool for applications, processes and systems. HP Caliper utilizes the Itanium processor's hardware performance monitoring unit (PMU) to provide detailed performance metrics. These metrics help you to identify performance bottlenecks and make your programs run faster.

Watch the following video to learn more about HP Caliper features.


The ktracer functionality integrated into Caliper provides valuable performance analysis across both the application and the HP-UX kernel. A Caliper GUI is provided to help you navigate through the program hotspots more efficiently and productively.

Develop with Java™, deploy on HP-UX

A full range of Java technology products is offered for the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) platform on HP-UX systems.

  • Partnerships and alliances allow HPE customers the maximum flexibility and choice.
  • Users are enabled to leverage a HP-UX hardware platform for maximum reliability and scalability.
  • Tools help you analyze the performance of your application and offer suggested settings and parameters to optimize performance
  • HPE drives the future direction of Java technology through its participation in standards bodies--driving innovation in Java technology for all.

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JavaTM 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 releases are supported on HPE hardware platforms and HP-UX operating environments.


HPjmeter is a powerful tool used in analyzing the performance of Java applications, providing a rich set of measurements including application profiling of hot methods, garbage collection, heap usage, and lock contention metrics, and much more.


HPconfig is a Java-specific tuning tool that makes recommendations for kernel parameters and additionally checks for correct and up-to-date patches. This helps your systems to be optimized for the most efficient execution and running of Java applications.


HPE Out-of-Box Tool is a stand-alone bundle which, upon installation, sets kernel parameters appropriate for running Java applications.


Java™ and all Java based trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oracle America and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries.

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Open source software on a mission-critical platform

Simplify, improve, and lower the cost of deploying open source in production environments with HP-UX.
  • Leading open source middleware
  • Rich set of open source applications and development tools
  • HP-UX availability, security, and virtualization
  • Open source execution environment including Java JDK/JRE, Perl, PHP, Apache and Tomcat
  • "Make" utility on HP-UX to build applications or use open source "gmake" or tools like "clearmake"
Develop and deploy mission-critical Java applications on HP-UX with JBoss EAPDevelop and deploy mission-critical Java applications on HP-UX with JBoss EAP

Easily develop next-generation, highly transactional Java™ applications with the cloud-ready, market-leading, Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) Versions 5.2 and 6.0.1, now available on HP Integrity servers running HP-UX 11i v3.

Develop on Linux, deploy on HP-UXDevelop on Linux, deploy on HP-UX

Take advantage of the low-cost Linux development environment, then deploy on           HP-UX for the Itanium Processor Family® or PA-RISC systems. The Linux compatibility solutions for HP-UX include the Linux Porting Kit and the Linux Runtime Environment.

Develop native on HP-UX, deploy on HP-UXDevelop native on HP-UX, deploy on HP-UX

To ensure you have the power and high performance needed to effectively develop, compile and debug complex enterprise applications natively for HP-UX PA-RISC and the Itanium® Processor Family, HP and our key partners equip you with the most comprehensive programming languages and protocols to help you be successful.

Leading open source middlewareLeading open source middleware

HP-UX provides fully supported Java, directory and Web Services middleware, utilizing the leading open source platforms from Apache, MySQL and others. HP-UX is the only UNIX operating system providing a fully supported AMP+Tomcat web application stack for production environments.

Bundled softwareBundled software

HP-UX includes a wide variety of open source products that have been selected, optimized, compiled, and packaged with HP-UX. Support for these products is included with the standard HP-UX support agreement. Included are security software such as Bastille, OpenSSL, and HP-UX Directory Server, web server software including Apache and Tomcat, networking software including Samba, and much more.

Subscription softwareSubscription software

Software subscription and support services are available from HP Software Support for MySQL. Subscriptions include both support direct from HP and access to the professional open source vendor websites for software updates, forums, and other services.

Internet ExpressInternet Express

The HP-UX Internet Express software suite includes the most recognized open source products in enterprise applications, Internet and web services, security, messaging, and grid computing. All Internet Express software is qualified, pre-built and packaged by HP. This ready-to-deploy software can be downloaded directly from the Internet Express website.

HP-UX Open Source Reference Architecture (OSRA) for Web ServicesHP-UX Open Source Reference Architecture (OSRA) for Web Services

Utilize a complete open web services framework including Apache, Tomcat, MySQL,        HP-UX Directory server, Bastille, IPFilter host firewall, and more. OSRA components and component versions have been selected and tested for integration. Mix and match OSRA components to build a fully supported open source-based web services deployment on HP-UX.