One Lab, End to End Solution

HPE Global Discovery Lab allows customers and partners unfettered access to an HPE Moonshot System and Edgeline Products to experiment, test and benchmark applications in a secure and confidential environment. HPE Global Discovery Lab also showcase HPE IoT solution. There are Industrial IoT demonstration in the lab to provide many use cases from acquiring sensor data from edge devices, to Datacenter and cloud environment for deep data ingestion. One lab, end to end solution.

Labs are located in several locations: Houston, Texas, Grenoble, France and Singapore. Plus, you can gain access to HPE Global Discovery Lab through VPN from anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating, please send an email to

Innovate with Moonshot

moonshot | 125x94 HP Moonshot System
HP Moonshot delivers the right compute power with breakthrough economics for your data center. And with server solutions designed for specific workloads, HP Moonshot helps you get more out of your infrastructure with less space, power consumption, and complexity.

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