Introducing HP Records Manager 8.0, a next generation EDRMS

HP is excited to announce the launch of HP Records Manager 8.0, a next generation electronic document and records management solution designed to meet the needs of government and regulated industries on a global scale. HP Records Manager enables greater compliance with organizational and regulatory mandates for the management of business records from creation through to disposal. As a cornerstone of HP's Information Governance Framework, HP Records Manager delivers secure management and access to help you manage large volumes of information across the enterprise.

  • Integrated records and document management for both physical and electronic documents.
  • Manage in place or in a centralized secure records repository.
  • Modern interface that simplifies access from laptops, tablets, and smart phones.
  • Extensive SharePoint integration for compliant records management and archiving.
  • Advanced email integration leverages message and conversation ID’s to reduce duplication.

HP unveils Big Data Analytics Platform

HP announces HAVEn, a set of core technologies that form a Big Data analytics platform, enabling organizations to create next-generation applications and solutions to accelerate the adoption and monetization of Big Data.

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Find, understand, and act on information—while it matters.

The explosion of Big Data– is crushing standard methods for finding, analyzing and using information. Big Data Analytics solutions from HP, Vertica and Autonomy can help you gain a competitive advantage and boost your bottom line by automatically locating, understanding, analyzing and acting on your data, no matter the format, language or location.

HP Big Data Analytics PlatformHP Big Data Analytics Platform

Provides the capability to handle 100 percent of enterprise big data to deliver actionable intelligence

HP Autonomy PortfolioHP Autonomy Portfolio

Create smarter campaigns and improve marketing performance with the ad and keyword-bid optimization, multivariate testing, and segmentation and targeting—all with minimal IT involvement.

Manage policy in real time, prevent leaks, achieve global compliance and save valuable time by consolidating all your information—from enterprise systems to social media—and automating key processes such as retention and legal holds.

Simplified protection of applications and data on servers and laptops through unified recovery and advanced automation

Management and analytic tools for processing human information or unstructured data regardless of format.

HP Vertica PortfolioHP Vertica Portfolio

Load data into your analytics platform nonstop, give your users access for rich analyses, and turn data into competitive advantage.

Conduct analytical computations closer to the data—and get immediate answers without extracting data to a separate environment for processing.

Get powerful tuning and control with less administrative effort—for lower cost and better SLA compliance.

Use HP columnar technology to get significant gains in performance, input/output, space utilization, and analytic workload efficiency.

Organize similar data types contiguously, for simultaneous data compression and encoding, smaller footprints, and fast parallel load and query.

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Big Data, Analytics, and Hadoop

See HP's Irshad Raihan interviewed by Jake Ludington about Hadoop, big data and the increasing priority businesses are giving to next-generation analytics.

Big Data, Analytics, and Hadoop

See HP's Irshad Raihan interviewed by Jake Ludington about Hadoop, big data and the increasing priority businesses are giving to next-generation analytics.