Find Windows 8 Apps

Microsoft provides a library of useful apps to help you get the most out of your computer or mobile device. Here you can find general information about Windows 8 apps. For more detailed information, click here.

Finding , Installing, and Updating Windows 8 AppsFinding , Installing, and Updating Windows 8 Apps

If you want more apps, you can go to the Windows store. In the store, you can find free apps, or apps to buy.

In the Windows Store, there are two types of tiles – app tiles, and category tiles such as New Releases.

  1. To open the Windows Store, click the tile (Apps_tile) on the Start screen.

  2. The Windows Store opens to the homepage of the Windows Store. Scroll sideways to see more categories.

    Figure 1: Navigating the Store

  3. Tiles for individual apps show the name and logo for the app, as well as the price and current rating.

    Figure 2: Windows Store Homepage

  4. To browse all of the apps that fall into a category, right-click an empty space on the Windows Store homepage and select the desired category from the list.

    Figure 3: Viewing a Category

  5. To search in a category, scroll all the way to the right, and then click See all.

    Figure 4: Selecting a Subcategory

    NOTE: These subcategories will be different, based on the category you are searching. For small categories, the subcategory setting might not be available.

  6. Choose a subcategory such as Card to browse all of the card games.

  7. For more information about an app, click the tile.

    Figure 5: Search Results

  8. On this page, you can find more information or purchase and install the app. When you click Install, text displays on the upper right corner indicating that the installation is in progress.

    Figure 6: Installing an App

  9. When the installation is complete, Windows displays a notification stating that the app was installed and adds a tile to the Start screen. Click the tile to open the new app.

    Figure 7: New App on Start screen

  10. To keep your apps updated, check the lower-right corner of the tile for the Windows Store.

    Figure 8: Updating Apps

  11. If updates are available, open the Store and click Update in the upper-right corner to see a list of the updates. Click Select All and then click Install.

    Figure 9: Updating Apps Cont.

  12. Windows displays a list of the apps that are being updated.

    Figure 10: Installing App Updates

  13. You can go on to your next task and Windows will notify you when the update is complete.

    Figure 11: Update Notification

    NOTE: You can also search for apps by using the Search charm. If you do this while inside the Windows Store, you automatically search the Store instead of the computer.


Getting Started with Windows 8Getting Started with Windows 8


Getting Started with Windows 8 is an app designed by HP to be a reference to learn the best ways to get up and running with Windows 8. You can download it from the Windows Store.


The Maps app uses Bing Maps to provide information such as driving directions, traffic and aerial view.



The People app connects to your email and social accounts, bringing together all your contacts (and what they’re up to) in one convenient place. All your personal and work contacts are there, live with their social activities and photos, letting you instantly engage and react to them.



The Calendar app is part of the Windows 8 Communications apps - Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging. These four apps are designed to help you stay organized and connected with the people in your life.

If you have more than one calendar, such as Hotmail, Outlook, or Google, you can view them all by adding the account to the Calendar app. Use the Settings charm to add accounts and set calendar options and permissions.



With the SkyDrive app you can easily view the data stored on your SkyDrive, upload and sync files, and then access them from anywhere.



With the Photo app, you can keep all your photos in one place. Upload photos from other devices such as your cell phone, external hard drive or memory stick, or digital camera. You can also connect the Photo app to your SkyDrive and to your social media services such as Facebook and Flickr.



The Messaging app enables you to easily chat with your friends in Messenger and Facebook. Organized by conversation and available off-line, the Messenger app can be snapped to the Start screen in portrait orientation.



The Mail app works with several mail providers, including Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.



With the Camera app, you can take photos or shoot video using the camera in your computer or with an external USB webcam. When you open the app, the camera displays an image preview. Tap or click anywhere on the screen to take a picture.

Your pictures and videos are saved to the Webcam folder in your Pictures library. Pictures are saved as a JPEG. Videos are saved as MP4.

Music and VideoMusic and Video


The Music and Video apps are a great way to access the Xbox Music and Xbox Video Marketplaces, as well as providing a touch friendly experience for your local media. These apps also allow you to play media on the Xbox 360® and use the touch interface to navigate the Xbox 360 dashboard.



The Finance app provides information and news about business and the stock market. The data in the app is updated every 15 minutes. The data on the Finance tile on the Start screen is updated every 30 minutes. Click the tile to open the app.



Travel is very useful for finding vacation spots and information about flights and hotels at your destination. Use this app to plan and book your vacation from start to finish, and then find out what to see and do once you are there.



The Weather app provides a tile on the Start screen for viewing weather information, focused on weather in your location. From the Start screen, you can swipe or scroll to view additional information about the city you are viewing, such as the hourly forecast, weather maps, and historical weather data.


The Sports app provides news and information about sports in general and your favorite teams. Similar to the News app, Sports shows news articles about sports, information like schedules, scores and game outcomes and individual player’s statistics.

The News app provides news gathered from a variety of sources across the web, in much the same way that Bing News on the web does. News stories are grouped into categories such as World News, Business, and Technology on the home screen, and selecting any of those categories will display stories from that category in a separate page.
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