Enhance IT people, process and technology

IT Service Management (ITSM) Services help you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT operations by implementing industry best practices and standards. Our ITSM experts assess your service management processes and help you adopt industry best practices, such as those based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), or industry standards, such as those based on the International Standards Organization (ISO). Then we show you how to continuously improve your service operations.

Your business asks you to deliver new services to help create new products, find new customers and gain competitive advantage. But you must find the money within your existing budget. Industry best practices help you find those dollars by driving cost out of operations while still managing risk. When you implement them, you know you are doing it as well as the best.

ITSM Assessment Services

ITSM Assessment Services show you where you stand and how to improve.

ITSM Improvement Services

An HP consultant leads your team in implementing the recommendations developed in the assessment.

ITSM Service Operation Journey

The HP ITSM Service Operation Journey is a packaged service addressing the service operation phase of the ITIL lifecycle.

Meet the Expert

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