Focus on your business—leave HR and payroll to us

As businesses grow, so do their HR and payroll problems. Often it is not just about a larger number of employees, the problems could be manifold if they involve a merger or acquisition. Getting two disparate systems to function as a single, seamless process requires both careful planning and hard, hands-on work.

  • What if you could engage with a partner for your HR and payroll needs?
  • What if you had a competent partner to help run HR and payroll, so you could focus on the rest of your business, improve operations, and save money?

HP Human Resource and Payroll Services are the perfect solution for you. Our service professionals will meet with you to discuss your goals, design custom solutions to fit your needs and help deliver results.

We offer sophisticated HR and Payroll services to companies looking to transform the way services are delivered to their employees—from manual payroll processing and delivery, to Web-enabled employee and manager self-service.

End-to-end services

You have probably heard it mentioned several times: every business needs to focus on what it does best. But universal necessities like human resources and payroll can distract you by diverting resources from your core business operations.

Sometimes it makes sense to outsource one or both of these functions to streamline operations and cut overall costs. HP Human Resource and Payroll Services enable you to augment your staff with trained and experienced service professionals, to help you achieve your goals.

Human Resource Services

Choose only the services you want; we provide the process management, personnel and IT expertise to deliver a full portfolio—including Workforce and Leave Administration,Talent Management and Total Rewards.

Payroll Services

Improve the satisfaction levels of leaders and employees, increase transparency of global payroll reporting, while reducing administrative costs and error rates, with global end-to-end services.