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The business case for TCO analysis

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) measures the economics of your IT assets over their useful service life. Many decision makers fail to look beyond the up-front investment. Before you decide on a new IT platform aligned with the business strategy of your organization, be sure to assess all direct and indirect costs involved over the entire lifecycle.

Explore the elements of a Total Cost of Ownership analysis—the new industry imperative
  • Detailed TCO analysis
    This analysis is based on an independent analyst's assessment of the true cost of ownership. It includes hardware and software, system administration labor, migration, and power and cooling costs.
  • System Consolidation and Savings
    Consider a server migration that consolidates IBM Mainframe, IBM POWER or Oracle Sun systems onto HP Integrity or ProLiant servers. You'll realize savings from reduced space and energy consumption and gain a more flexible infrastructure.
  • Reduced Software License Costs
    Greater performance of HP Integrity and ProLiant means much lower licensing costs. There's less to manage and pay for across your whole infrastructure.
  • Modernization
    HP Integrity and ProLiant servers offer the latest in blade technology, which can reduce your space and energy consumption even further. HP systems are highly flexible, and can run multiple operating systems including HP-UX 11i, HP OpenVMS, Microsoft® Windows® Server, Linux and HP NonStop.
  • Virtualization and Workload Management
    Virtualization solutions from HP and HP partners can adapt workloads to meet business requirements quickly and with mission-critical reliability. Virtualization can lower data center costs by up to 40%.

HP extends mission critical to x86: Project Odyssey

In the past, your mission-critical architecture needs were covered primarily with traditional UNIX. Today, more and more applications are being considered mission critical. That's why HP servers will deliver a UNIX-like experience for mission critical x86.

HP extends mission critical to x86: Project Odyssey


HP-UX 11i v3: for workloads vital to the enterprise

If you are still running HP-UX 11i v2, NOW is the time to upgrade to v3. HP-UX 11i v3 gives you superior availability, security, performance and significant TCO savings.

HP-UX 11i v3: for workloads vital to the enterprise

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TCOinsider from HP Discover 2012 (Frankfurt, Germany) - Juergen Probst and Yann Allandit talking about stacking applications on HP's ProLiant DL980 server running Linux.

TCOinsider from HP Discover 2012 (Frankfurt, Germany) - Juergen Probst and Norman Koo talking about HP's Mission Critical Converged Infrastructure.

TCOinsider - Statements from HP Discover 2012 (Frankfurt, Germany) about the benefits of the new HP Integrity Servers.

Live from HP Discover 2012: Ian Henderson, Chief Technologist BCS EMEA, talks about HP's newest Mission Critical solutions and the great benefits for our customers.

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