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Software-Defined Storage is shared storage deployed as software. It is a way for your business applications and underlying storage services to share hardware resources.

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Which is the right approach for your Software-Defined Data Center?

Storage within the Software-Defined Data Center requires open APIs with a programmatic approach to orchestration and can be delivered in a choice of unique forms depending on your design points for optimization:

  • Cost optimization with Software-Defined Storage—pure software such as Virtual Storage Appliances (VSAs) co-located with applications

  • Service level optimization with Service-Refined Storage—dedicated multi-tenant system virtualized for unpredictable Tier-1 demands


Leading the way in open orchestration with Software-Defined Storage

Converged Storage lays innovation foundation
Programmatic control of infrastructure via open and standards-based APIs plus application-specific orchestration environments is a defining requirement in the Software-Defined Data Center—and a core part of our Converged Storage strategy since 2010. We led the effort to extend the OpenStack framework to Fibre Channel storage and hook into important applications from ISVs such as Microsoft, VMware and SAP.

Highly automated Software-Defined Data Centers eliminate physical and management silos across storage, services and networks. With characteristics of cloud or IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) deployments, you can:

  • Deploy applications in minutes not weeks

  • Focus resources less on IT operations and more on business innovation

From HPDriving innovation
HP and OpenStackAutomated and standards-based provisioning of storage for ITaaS
HP CloudOSEnterprise-grade OpenStack distribution and application modeling
HP CloudSystemOpen and integrated cloud platform for building and managing services
HP Storage SolutionsIntegrated orchestration for applications from Microsoft, VMware and other ISVs

Realizing cost optimization with Software-Defined Storage with StoreVirtual VSA

Proven Software-Defined Storage leadership
While the term is new, the concept isn’t. HP has been shipping Software-Defined Storage for more than 6 years—reducing costs and footprint for customers. We have over 600,000 StoreVirtual VSA licenses distributed with advanced features not available with less mature Software-Defined solutions.

Software-Defined Storage delivers robust services to help you:

  • Reduce costs by leveraging hardware you already own

  • Avoid lock in with hardware and hypervisor agnostic deployments

  • Expand non-disruptively with scale-out and federated data mobility

Know your optimization optionsSoftware-Defined StorageSoftware-Refined Storage
Your optimization design requirements are an important consideration when selecting the form of storage needed for your Software-Defined Data Center. Whether you are optimizing for cost or service level will determine whether Software-Defined or Service-Refined Storage is the right choice.
  • Cost optimization

  • Software only

  • Hypervisor and agnostic

  • Federated

  • Service-level optimization

  • Multi-tenant

  • Virtualized for unpredictable demands

Automotive supplier uses HP StoreVirtual VSA for all of its branches

“The converged HP infrastructure offers the necessary scalability and flexibility that we require in the dynamic automotive sector. This not only means that we can quickly increase our storage capacities when necessary, it also means that we can move this capacity between individual branches.”
– Jörg Birkle, head of IT management and process and information management, Peguform

Read the Peguform case study (PDF, 1.1MB)

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