Offer a broader range of outdoor and indoor applications, including temporary textiles1. Achieve faster turnaround times with prints that come out dry, ready to use or for finishing. Get accurate unattended, double-sided printing2.
Ideal for digital print and sign shops, as well as copy shops and photo labs, which want to diversify and grow their business with high quality outdoor and indoor applications.


Seize your share of the growing temporary textiles market with unrivalled application versatility3

Grow your business: print on a broader range of materials including vinyl, fabrics1, paper, film and low-cost uncoated options.
Meet client needs for sharp, vivid indoor and outdoor signs, from POP displays and retail banners to tradeshow signs and interior decoration.
Produce vehicle wraps with the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty4 with HP Latex Inks that outperform eco-solvent inks, and create long-lasting outdoor signage with better durability5.
HP Latex Inks produce 1200 dpi prints with rich, lustrous blacks and glossy results.

Experience easy, convenient printing.

Improve job turnaround time and take on more rush jobs: prints are dry and ready to laminate, finish or use without an external dryer.
Print double-sided2 banners with less intervention, and accurate, automated registration.
Take advantage of increased uptime thanks to easy, automatic, reliable, low-maintenance printing and user-replaceable printheads.
Monitor and control your business remotely: use proactive alerts and accurate cost reporting to minimise interruptions and provide price quotes.

Win new business from environment-minded customers.

Improve the work environment: unlike most eco-solvent inks, non-flammable8 water-based HP Latex Inks need no special ventilation9, or hazard warning label.
Attract environmentally-conscious customers – offer recyclable HP media6 and provide odourless prints7 ideal for indoor display areas.
Return and recycle supplies through HP's free, recycling programme10, and improve ink efficiency11.
Choose a printing system that is an industry leader in environmental certifications and awards.
  • Prosimo, preverite tehnične specifikacije izdelka, ki se nahajajo v podatkovnem listu/dokumentih. Če je izdelek skladen z določili standardov EN 55022 razreda A, lahko uporaba izdelka v naseljenih območjih povzroči (v neugodnih pogojih) motnje pri prejemu TV/radio signala.

    * Ta predstavitev ni namenjena ponujanju ali zbiranju ponudb za oglaševano blago, temveč le osnovni informaciji morebitnim interesentom. Vse navedene cene so le priporočene maloprodajne cene proizvajalca. Družba Hewlett-Packard d.o.o. ni ne distributer ne proizvajalec blaga iz kataloga. Vse proizvode prodajajo distributerji in prodajalci, zato se lahko dejanske prodajne cene razlikujejo od priporočenih maloprodajnih cen. Za konkretno ceno se prosimo v vsakem posamičnem primeru obrnite na svojega distributerja ali prodajalca. Priporočena maloprodajna cena ne pomeni fiksirane prodajne cene ter ne predstavlja najnižje prodajne cene na trgu.

    HP se zavezuje, da bo stranke obveščal o kemičnih snoveh v svojih izdelkih, kot je to določeno z zakonom, na primer z uredbo REACH (predpis ES št. 1907/2006 Evropskega parlamenta in Sveta). Poročilo o kemičnih snoveh za ta izdelek je na voljo na: