ACT – Aggregate, Control and Team for Collaborative, cross-domain IT event management and automated monitoring

A core component of the HP Operation bridge solution is HP Operations Manager i (OMi), universal event-correlation software for all IT domains. Via the HP Run-time Service Model (RTSM), OMi uses context built from IT topology, events and metrics to automatically correlate related events for quicker and easier root-cause identification—essential in today’s complex virtualized and cloud environments

OMi now includes Monitoring Automation (see video on this page) that detects new instances of infrastructure as well as composite applications, and then automatically deploys and activates the required monitoring. A new addition is “Gamification” in which users are rewarded for their achievements.

New! OMi Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server. See more details here.

What is “Gamification” and how OMi includes gaming techniques

Gaming techniques are proven to improve user engagement. In the context of the HP Operations Bridge, HP OMi notifies operators who have reached notable goals, usually set by their management. Their work will often constitute best practices to be shared, and other operators will feel motivated to seek awards by other means. The net result is improved operations efficiencies, more detailed usage of HP OMi features, and greater return on your invest in the tool.

Simplified management with monitoring automation for infrastructure and composite applications

Today’s rapidly changing environments, require both simplified as well as dynamic monitoring configurations solutions, tailored to server infrastructure as well as composite applications. OMi now offers Monitoring Automation that detects new application instances and automatically initializes monitoring of them. In association, OMi software now includes Management Pack software that augment remote monitoring (equivalent to SPIs with HPOM software). Management Pack software for BigData and other infrastructure components is available.


Operations from Everywhere – The OMi Mobile MiniApp

In this day and age, many people have several devices. A day in the life of IT Operations staff is no different, as they move from meeting to meeting, conferences, or are on call duty. So wherever and whatever IT Operations staff are doing, now they can not only access the OMi Dashboard, but take actions from literally anywhere. The OMi Mobile MiniApp is available for IOS, Android and exploits a HP hosting system without VPN fiddling and security hazards. Now you can also access from Windows 8 devices. See these blogs for even more details on IOS, Android, Windows8

Key benefits

  • Identify root causes quickly—in today’s dynamic environments
  • View business services and the underlying IT infrastructure they rely on
  • Bring events, metrics, and topology in from disparate element managers, such as Nagios and Microsoft SCOM
  • Automated, topology-based monitoring configuration of agentless and agent-based monitoring
  • Self-Service Setup - Thresholds, intervals etc. can be changed by non-operations staff


Simplify IT Management with HP OMi Monitoring Automation

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Management Packs – Integrations to 3rd Party Applications

OMi Monitoring Automation detects changes in infrastructure and applications to deploy monitoring definitions abstracted from underlying collection tools.

  • Rapid time to first use – self-service portal for SMEs to customize monitoring
  • Reduce maintenance overhead – Changes are automatically detected, keeping infrastructure views up to date easing maintenance of dependencies
  • Out of the box – Management Packs by HP and Partners enrich the availability and performance management of your IT environments. See HP Live Network and Download here

Connectors – Integrations to 3rd Party Domain Management Tools

OMi offers a cross-domain view that integrates your tools including HP and products from other vendors.

  • Single pane of glass – Consolidate monitoring across domains and 3rd party tools
  • Protect existing investments – No rip and replace minimizes risk of disruption and protects your investments.
  • Out of the box – Connectors created by both HP & Partners ensure that you have one single view of your entire IT environment. Find all available integrations at HP Live Network

Create your own Integration

Can’t find an out of the box Connector or Management Pack? Our development guides in the HP Live Network BSM Content Community will help you create your own integration. Do reach out to HP OMi Integration experts on the HP Live Network forum.

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HP OMi Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server

With Microsoft SQL Server being used increasingly in mission critical environments, maintaining the availability and performance of the Microsoft SQL Server database is the need of the hour. The HP OMi Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server helps monitor capacity utilization, identify performance bottlenecks and real time availability monitoring to ensure that you are proactively alerted with any potential or occurred issues in your environment.

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Key benefits

  • Automatic discovery of Microsoft SQL Server components such as SQL Server Instances, Services, Databases, Cluster Resource Groups and its underlying infrastructure
  • Out of the box customizable configuration templates for deployment to Microsoft SQL Server instances with different business criticalities
  • Diagnose availability and performance via out of the box indicators
  • Enhanced monitoring with Agent-based and Agent-less monitors

HP OMi Management Pack for Infrastructure

The HP OMi Management Pack for Infrastructure provides comprehensive monitoring of your complete IT Infrastructure. It monitors system platforms, clusters, and virtual infrastructure from key vendors and also provides information about the underlying hardware.

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Key benefits

  • Comprehensive monitoring of the system and underlying hardware
  • Helps administrator monitor High Availability Cluster Infrastructure
  • Monitor performance, capacity utilization, availability and resource consumption of hosts and guest virtual machines
  • Out of the box graphs for trend analysis

HP OMi Management Pack for Hadoop

With varied sources of data, the amount of data in your environment is rapidly expanding. If Hadoop is your choice of infrastructure to manage this change in type & volume of data, HP provides you an option to monitor this distributed Hadoop infrastructure. The HP OMi Management Pack for Hadoop enables monitoring of your entire distributed Hadoop environment, including availability and performance of core Hadoop components such as HDFS & MapReduce, ensuring the reliability of your Hadoop environment.

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Key benefits

  • Real time, automatic discovery of various components in your Hadoop Cluster
  • Alerts regarding the availability of the core Hadoop components such as HDFS and MapReduce Monitor the performance and workload of your Hadoop environment
  • Define correlation rules between various components of your Hadoop environment for auto correlation and problem resolution
  • Identify performance bottlenecks and trends using out of the box performance graphs
  • Out of the box customizable dashboard for Network Operations Center (NOC) and Operators

HP OMi Management Pack for Vertica

The HP Vertica Analytics Platform enables you to analyze and make informed decisions of your unstructured data in near real time with unparalleled efficiency, performance, and scalability. The HP OMi Management Pack for Vertica ensures that you continue to do so – ensuring the availability and performance of such a critical platform.

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Key benefits

  • Visualize a live/real time reflection of the topology and health of your Vertica cluster, including storage
  • Notifications when any of the Vertica services like Vertica Database, Vertica Query performance are down
  • Notifications related to performance and workload of Vertica environment
  • Drill down into performance problems and collected metrics
  • Analyze historical performance trends using reports
  • Out of the box customizable dashboard for Network Operations Center (NOC) and Operators

HP OMi Management Pack for Oracle Database

The HP OMi Management Pack for Oracle Databases helps administrators efficiently monitor distributed enterprise-wide Oracle Database and Oracle RAC environments from a central console. It helps you monitor availability and performance, visualize capacity shortages and trends as well as lower the overall cost of maintaining your Oracle Database and RAC environment.

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Key benefits

  • Automatic, end-to-end monitoring of entire Oracle Database environment, from the underlying infrastructure to key Oracle Database components like the TableSpaces
  • Enhanced monitoring with Agent-based and Agent-less monitors
  • Diagnose, plan, and track service levels with flexibility through out of the box customizable graphs
  • Customizable Dashboard for consolidated health view
  • Customizable reports for long term trend analysis and capacity planning

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  • HP Operations Analytics

    Intelligence based on correlation of events and topology across data collected across disparate sources including logs, machine and performance data

  • HP Operations Manager softwareConsolidation and correlation of fault and performance events across an IT infrastructure for fast resolution
  • HP Operations Smart Plug-insMonitoring of performance and availability of packaged applications with specific domain expertise
  • HP Service Health AnalyzerProvides advanced notification of service degradation so you can remediate issues before business is impacted
  • HP Service Health OptimizerCapacity management, resource optimization and workload placement from a business service perspective
  • HP Service Health ReporterCross-domain reporting in dynamic environments for performance optimization of your business services
  • HP SiteScope softwareRemote monitoring of IT infrastructure and applications without installing any software on target systems
  • HP Virtualization Performance ViewerWeb-based analysis and visualization tool that analyzes performance trends of elements in virtualized environment
  • Management Pack softwareEnhances remote monitoring of applications for OMi. It supports monitoring of System & Virtual Infrastructure, Hadoop, Vertica and Oracle database application domains. HP OMi Monitoring Automation is a prerequisite for use of the OMi Management Pack.

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Simplify IT Management with HP OMi Monitoring Automation

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