State of security operations

Read this 2014 report of capabilities and maturity of cyber defense organizations to see industry trends and to learn what makes security operations effective.

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Expertise, resources, and a solid track record

Our security intelligence and operations consulting (SIOC) team has built more enterprise security operation centers than anyone in the world. We have also assessed the maturity of over 100 independent SOCs. Let us use our robust experience to help you build or mature your existing SOC. HP offers the highly trained analysts, processes and procedures and a robust SIEM infrastructure you need to enhance your SOC or build a new one from the ground up.

Key features

  • Achieve objectives fast with seasoned HP security experts on your team
  • Leverage deep experience in enterprise security operations and HP ArcSight ESM
  • Build on proven, repeatable processes based on hundreds of implementations
  • Base your operations on best practices and methodologies
  • Utilize the most advanced use cases and implementation tactics

What is a 5G/SOC?

Our security experts are building some of the most advanced SOCs in the world. We call this generation of security operations the 5G/SOC. The organizations with 5G/SOCs realize that detection and disruption of activity at each and every stage of the kill chain is critical. If an attack is not detected early in the kill chain, the impact of that attack is amplified and later stage detection becomes critical.

Read more about the evolution of security operations and the 5G/SOC in our whitepaper

Building a Security Operations Center

A SOC can be implemented for centralized security monitoring and provide visibility across an organization that did not exist before. It can accomplish many business goals within an organization including compliance, risk management, and capturing security metrics. Once the decision is made, "I need to build a SOC", what is the next step?

  • What facilities are required?
  • What personnel are needed with what expertise?
  • Where are these people found?
  • Which technologies need to be deployed in what order to be most effective in the shortest amount of time?
  • How can all of this be accomplish without breaking the bank?

Learn more about what it takes for success in our whitepaper


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