ITSM Assessment and Improvement

We'll assess where you are and what needs to be addressed to build your IT Service Management strategy:

  • HP ITSM Quick Assessment Service—Half-day workshop that compares and contrasts your IT infrastructure and processes against business goals and compares them to industry best-practices.
  • HP ITSM Intermediate Assessment Service—Identifies major areas of risk to the delivery of reliable business solutions and develop key recommendations.
  • HP ITSM Comprehensive Assessment Service—Conducts an in-depth review of the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT service management practices.
  • HP ITSM Improvement Service—Addresses your specific concerns about any aspect of people, processes and technology involved in the delivery of your critical IT services.
  • ITSM Assessment for Virtualized Environments—For newly virtualized environments, we review management processes and operational practices, find gaps and challenges, then offer recommendations for improvement.

Meet the Expert

Connect with our HP technology experts like Ashley Hanna to learn how HP ITSM Assessement and Improvement Services can help your build your ITSM strategy.


Learn how IT Service Management reduces IT costs, improves service levels, increases business agility, improves IT governance and reduces the risk of non-compliance