Supporting your business—transforming your network

HP Network Management Services provides monitoring and management of your network. We monitor your network to ensure devices and network links are operating properly. We measure the performance and utilization of network devices to spot developing bottlenecks. We perform proactive network testing to prevent failures before they disrupt the network. And we provide ongoing maintenance for network devices to repair or replace them when they fail.

But when we transition management of your network to our service, we also transform your network to be more streamlined, cohesive and resilient. We design a network architecture using open standards that meets your business needs for availability, growth and flexibility. Then we transform your network over time to the new design and technology with increased performance and reliability. It means your network does a better job supporting your business, and it costs less to operate and maintain.

Choice and innovation

Networks are becoming increasingly open. An array of suppliers offers a new generation of devices and protocols based on open standards. That brings innovation, flexibility and choice. The new devices offer better performance and energy efficiency. But they also bring more vendors and more complexity.

It’s getting harder to know where the network ends and other computing infrastructure begins. Converged infrastructure like blade systems builds switches into servers and storage devices. And new multi-function platforms combine firewalls, routers and switches.

For IT, the new opportunities mean new training and certifications to plan, implement and manage the new networks. And it means the opportunity to spend millions in capital upgrading the network to take advantage of their capabilities.