Control your overgrown systems

Enterprise applications are the lifeblood of your company; you rely on them to handle everything from your payroll, financial statements to tracking your customers. HP can align enterprise-wide application performance for business priorities and growth, apply accelerators and standards for rapid realization of benefits and optimize your mission-critical enterprise applications to stay competitive and innovative.

Shift your focus

Reduce your total cost of operations with HP Enterprise Application Services for SAP and refocus on your primary business. When you leverage our experience and knowledgebase, we update your system and properly implement applications. Operations run smoothly and complexity is removed from your environment. Return money that may be tied up in IT to your core competencies.


Transform SAP environments to be more efficient and effective while enabling them to take advantage of the latest technologies and transition to the New Style of IT.

HP Helion Business Applications for SAP

Provides you with the flexibility, cost control and service levels you’re demanding as you move your applications to a virtual private cloud model.

Enterprise Mobility Services for SAP

Accelerate time to value of mobile initiatives using the SAP Mobile Platform on HP Converged Cloud technology.

Transformation Services for SAP HANA

HP Transformation Services for SAP HANA helps you determine the associated costs, effort, and benefit of migrating. We’ll help you determine the next steps to modernize your business and to execute a smooth, efficient transition. We provide an end-to-end offering, including advisory, development, migration and management services. With the industry leading combination of SAP HANA software, HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA, and HP Transformation Services for SAP HANA, you have one partner who can address all of your requirements on your journey to the real time enterprise.

Real-time insights with SAP HANA

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