Realize Economic and Operational Benefits in the Midst of Organizational Change

A successful merger and acquisition (M&A) requires the coordination of many intricate details spanning the entire business model. Complex M&A activities necessitate the ability to plan and execute a massive logistical transition, to foresee and mitigate risks and to launch and complete the project in the shortest possible time frame. This all must be accomplished while avoiding costly disruptions to the core business and protecting customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, more than half of mergers fail to achieve their promised outcome or generate business value, according to published research. IT integration is often cited as a major reason why mergers fail. Companies with a dependence on rigid core legacy systems with redundant applications and fragmented data stores across disparate organizational silos are at a significant competitive disadvantage when it comes to the flexibility needed to increase scale.

From an IT perspective, M&A activities can eliminate redundancies and achieve rationalization, scale efficiencies and offer other savings. With proper preparation, merging organizations may extract significant value from their combined operations. Without adequate planning, however, the combination of multiple processes and systems can send costs spiraling out of control, negating potential savings created by the M&A event.


What HP does

HP serves its clients as a true business ally with proven experience in planning and delivering integration and rationalization solutions to support complex M&A events, enabling our clients to enjoy the significant economic and operational benefits of their growth initiatives.

HP empowers clients to make the most of their M&A opportunities by providing:

  • Well-defined, proven methodologies tailored to the clients' industry and unique integration needs
  • Architectural capabilities to minimize the risk and impact of consolidation
  • The most skilled professionals with integration-specific expertise and capabilities
  • A proven understanding of the trends and issues influencing the clients' business and industry
  • Deep knowledge of the clients' legacy systems, applications and business processes and the ability to expertly combine them
  • Established relationships with multiple technology partners, bringing the combined resources of the IT industry's greatest companies to bear on the clients' M&A challenges

Proven methodologies to help you succeed

HP Enterprise Service Management initiatives, with an innovative suite of services and an ITIL-based operating environment, can help to align and standardize the combined IT assets of the merging organizations, tying them to common business goals and operating rules. This further aids the collective enterprise with improved oversight of its joined IT environments.