Address the changing way people work today

Today, everything is mobile, connected, interactive, immediate, and fluid. Because of this, your enterprise employees have changing needs and expectations about the way work gets done. Teams may have people working from the road, home, and multiple remote offices—often using a mix of land line, mobile, and wireless devices. Your workplace tools and technology must evolve to support this new paradigm.

HP Collaboration Services lets workers come together in new ways to better communicate, manage, and use information. Using technology already on their desktops, team members can easily and securely “reach through” the corporate firewall to access, share, and manage information.

Collaboration Services are part of the larger “Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) Services”. UC&C Services are an integrated set of voice, data and video communications, all of which leverage PC- and telephony-based presence information. UC&C applications are meant to simplify communications for the user by making it easy to “click to communicate.”

Holistic approach with choice of deployment model

HP spans across the whole UC&C lifecycle to meet your needs at any maturity stage. Our services range from assessments, architecture planning, and design through implementation, monitoring, management, operation, support, and outsourcing. We also offer industry-leading consulting and integration services spanning all HP and Microsoft software and hardware necessary for UC&C solutions.

HP offers you all the different deployment options for outsourcing from cloud services to solutions tailored to your specific industry. We can provide you with services on HP infrastructure from our world-wide data centers, in your data center or within a hybrid model; all with high availability and integrated security.

Cloud or not cloud?

HP believes that moving your messaging and collaboration applications to a private cloud is a first step in a transformative journey from traditional in-house, or outsourced IT infrastructure management to applications consumed “as a service.” HP Enterprise Cloud Services offer the benefits of the public cloud, such as the flexibility to always use the most current technology, rapidly scale when business requirements change, and reduce capital expenses and operating costs, but on a dedicated infrastructure providing the necessary data segregation to meet your security and compliance needs.

But not all enterprises will benefit from moving email to the cloud. Internal demands are rapidly increasing, leading to custom deployments that cannot always be matched by cloud suppliers.

Many questions remain about security and compliance in the cloud. Enterprises want to have direct control on their business-critical information and currently, the enterprises which have moved to cloud-based collaboration services are innovators or early adopters.

HP draws on a 45-year history of operational excellence in IT management. Our scale and scope gives you access to industry-recognized leadership in infrastructure management with a service provider ready to be your partner in this new era of disruption, uncertainty, and fast-changing competitive environments. Trust us for innovative hosted, on-premise or cloud services that provide better outcomes for your business … lower costs, greater agility, and enterprise-class services.