Turn paper into profits

HP Multi-channel Output Services turns costly transactional printing operations into revenue and brand assets. We cost-effectively print and mail huge volumes of business communications using transaction data you provide. And we can personalize each document based on customer data. We help you turn your paper documents into electronic images that can be e-mailed or viewed online. And we can turn high-volume print output into electronic output for storage or distribution.

We drive down the cost of printing and mailing transactional customer communications like statements and invoices. But we can also turn those documents into marketing communications tailored to each recipient's needs and preferences. Every customer communication is a sales opportunity. We help you find those opportunities and take advantage of them.

Document processing as a competitive advantage

HP Multi-channel Output Services brings you the technology, experience and best practices we have gained improving outbound communication for hundreds of clients around the globe. Our services include:

  • Print and mail services—We create the electronic forms for your statements or other communications. You send us your transactions electronically, and we print and mail them cost-effectively in any region of the world.
  • Document composition—We enhance your forms to include promotional messages, and we customize each document based on customer information you provide. We can print and mail them, or we can distribute to customers electronically via e-mail or web portals.
  • Electronic presentment of documents—We design online forms with the familiar look of paper. We establish systems and processes for you to use in e-mail and web sites.
  • Electronic output—We capture large volumes of print output on electronic media such as CD-ROMs, DVDs or smart cards for storage or distribution.