Transform your policy administration and back-office infrastructure

HP Insurance Services provide back-office support to streamline administrative processes for claims from life, annuity, property and casualty policies. Our services are focused on cutting costs, driving revenue growth, and improving customer satisfaction to retain good relationships. With more than 40 years experience delivering insurance services we can provide you expertise in as relationship management, delivery planning and sales.

Insurance carriers have made significant investments in technology over the years. But these investments are unlikely to have delivered genuine flexibility in your key business processes. This is the one quality you really need to rapidly innovate your way to business growth and operational efficiency—while your competitors remain constrained by outdated legacy systems.

We can help you transform your processes and technology environments to achieve the outcomes that matter most.


Products and Services:

  • RADIENCE Administration
    Insurance core policy administration system
  • ProductXpress
    Insurance product design and calculation environment used by marketing, actuarial, business line and IT teams
    Core life, annuity and disability policy administration system
  • Exstream Solutions for Insurance
    Document management solutions that help you efficiently create, manage, and generate important policyholder communications, including quotes, policies, correspondence, and statements.
  • Insurance Policy Accelerator Solution
    Accelerate the policy setup process by replacing slow and expensive paper-based workflows with automated digital processes. Facilitate capturing incoming and outgoing documents, creating proposals and correspondence, and outputting forms in printed and electronic formats.
  • Claims Transformation Solution for Insurance
    Digital Workflow document solutions that automate and accelerate the flow of claims forms and support documents. We help you reduce the risk of inconsistencies and fraud, and ultimately reach a resolution faster.
  • Compliant Document Capture Solution for Financial Services
    Organize devices, software, and services to provide a complete solution for capturing, archiving, and tracking sensitive documents and correspondence to assist you with regulatory needs. You can also reduce paper traffic for increased security, automation, and accessibility. Our network-based configuration can help you address regulatory mandates faster and more cost-effectively.
  • Flood Insurance Services
    Policy administration, claims processing, payment processing and reporting
  • Insurance Notification Clearinghouse Services
    Automated clearinghouse that uses electronic data interchange (EDI) to streamline information exchange among insurers, lenders, leasing companies, government agencies and trackers