Digital Services, Business Models and Innovation

Communication Service Providers can leverage their end-to-end networks, customer base, front- and back-office assets by offering enterprise-class cloud and application services that are easy to procure and use.

The HP Applications and Cloud Enablement solution portfolio allows Communication Service Providers to:

  • Monetize your mobile applications for various devices by leveraging network assets, current customers' billing relationships and brand value. Modernize your service infrastructure by evolving service platforms and applications for easier service launches.
  • Remove complexity and deliver secure, SLA-based profitable Cloud services for the business market segment. Innovate your service offerings by deploying new type of services, including multimedia, M2M and cloud services to stimulate a partner ecosystem.
  • Anticipate the evolution of broadband networks, enable the consolidation of legacy IVR and grow business voice as a service. Embrace the cloud by adopting a Software-as-a-Service model and owning the public cloud service market.

Featured solutions

HPE Cloud Services Enablement for Service Providers

The HPE Cloud Services Enablement portfolio for CSPs integrates HPE software, hardware, and services to simplify and accelerate the deployment and monetization of cloud services. You can get access to new revenue streams and quickly deliver differentiated cloud services.

HPE API Management

The HPE Service Delivery Platform makes it easier to build and deliver applications and services that incorporate network assets and revenue-sharing partnerships with developer and content communities; it enables CSPs to address retail-based business models and wholesale-based business models, and showcase telecom capabilities to third parties. HPE API Management solutions allow CSPs to capitalize on the two key business drivers: improving internal service development and exposing network assets for third-party developers through proper API Management. You will get new revenue streams, collaborate with Over the Top players and improve your customer experience.

HPE Network Applications

HPE Network Applications help CSPs transform their value-added services to embrace the new digital economy. You can migrate to IP/LTE, and both consolidate and virtualize (NFV) your service platforms and applications.

HPE Device and SIM Management

HPE Device and SIM Management helps CSPs evolve their current legacy device and SIM Management to support device and SIM exponential growth.