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HP Software Government Summit 2015

Mark your calendar for the upcoming HP Software Government Summit to be held on Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C.

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Meet your IT challenges with HP Public Sector Solutions

Public sector organizations are facing budget shortfalls, struggling global and domestic economies and a forecasted demand for increased services, ranging from those who support a strained social safety net and an aging population to investment in the future through building out infrastructure, education and R&D. Supporting these demands against budget constraints at the Federal, State/Provincial and local levels will require IT innovation balanced against the risk of change. Without the right IT methodologies, process, and tools, attempting to move to Cloud, meeting the demands of employees and citizens for mobile delivery and social media and handling the security and big data challenges generated by moving to this brave new world is incredibly risky.

HP Software Public Sector Solutions can increase your opportunity to innovate with Cloud, mobile delivery and social media, Big Data, and proactively combat the Cybersecurity threats you face - but with reduced financial, technical and political risk. HP Software’s products and services portfolio delivers innovation, elasticity, and line of sight into IT, significantly reducing your IT operational expenses. We partner with you to do this by:

  • Integrating your IT silos across people, process and technology – tuned to Public sector environments
  • Transforming your apps and data centers into hybrid cloud delivery platforms
  • Extending your IT development and deployment to securely deliver mobile services
  • Turning the deluge of unstructured and structured data into actionable intelligence
  • Complying with security regulations and guidance including FISMA, PCI, FIPs, FedRAMP, DIACAP, NIST special publications, and many others.

Key benefits

  • Streamlined and integrated Public sector IT departments across requirements, development, testing, deployment and management of services delivered – make your resources matter
  • More flexible infrastructure to respond quickly and make your Public sector organization agile
  • Application modernization to retire obsolete applications and extend the rest to a hyper-connected constituency – employees and citizens
  • Information optimization to control the flood of data and pull out critical decision support intelligence in your Public sector organization

Cloud and Shared Services

Commercial and Public Sector IT is undergoing a major shift; legacy systems are being migrated, data centers consolidated. Unlike Commercial Industry, Government, Healthcare, and Education institutions have a more severe financial driver towards use of cloud and shared services with less internal competition preventing its use. With the aid of procurement, policy and even enterprise architectural guidelines, Public sector organizations are leading the way



You are increasingly communicating and interacting with your employees, contractors, and constituents - citizens, patients, students, warfighters, etc. - through mobile channels. To ensure the best constituent experience, streamline operations and proactively manage your mobile applications lifecycle with HP Software’s mobile application platform.


Information Management and Analytics

Public sector organizations are witnessing an explosion in data due to digital onboarding of patient, student and citizen records, use of community cloud for research, and a host of other data collection and analysis opportunities. This data represents one of your most valuable assets. Get the tools you need to analyze structured and unstructured data in real-time, regardless of the variety of data formats, speed of collection, or complexity of analysis. Make informed and meaningful decisions.


Security Intelligence and Risk Management

Combat insider and external threats while learning how to implement a strong information security management practice covering governance, operations, culture, and technology. Establish and manage a comprehensive continuous lifecycle management of security from code to mobile console in accordance with government information privacy and security assurance guidelines.


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