Reduce energy consumption, water usage and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)

HP Energy and Sustainability Management Services helps enterprises reduce costs and fulfill responsibilities to customers and communities. We help you reduce energy consumption, water usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

We bring the expertise and tools developed in making data centers more energy efficient and apply them across the enterprise. We assess your current situation, so you know where you stand. We help you develop a roadmap to sustainability. We look across each of your operational areas and help you take a strategic view to enable cost and sustainability efficiencies across your enterprise. And we enable you to monitor and continue to improve your resource usage and carbon footprint.

Our approach targets efficiency—and that brings significant reductions in costs. But improving energy consumption and sustainability also makes enterprises more respected by their communities and customers.

Beyond the bottom line

Driving down utility bills has always been an objective for enterprises. But now sustainability practice is about more than just cost. Research shows that a company's greenhouse gas emissions can actually lower its stock value.

Fuel production, power generation and distribution capacity is limited, and natural resource-related issues now have significant impact on how markets and the public look at corporations. For example, BP's stock price plummeted following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. As a result, enterprises focus on energy and sustainability practices, and governments begin to require conformance with new standards.

There is more at stake than just the bottom line. Communities—and customers—expect corporations to step up to the challenge. Environmental sustainability and social responsibility become boardroom topics, and CEOs are expected to take action.


HP Energy and Sustainability Management Services begins by determining where you are and where you want to go.


We help you develop the roadmap to get you where you want to go.


Implementing the recommendations of our experts will improve sustainability and reduce costs in your data centers and your total enterprise.


Once you reach your initial goals, our energy services and sustainability services help you continually track and improve your environmental sustainability.


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