HP Energy and Sustainability Management Services begins by determining where you are and where you want to go:

  • HP Energy and Sustainability Discovery Workshop—This workshop helps you and your key stakeholders identify your goals—like making the enterprise more energy and resource efficient, reducing carbon disclosure risks and engaging your employees in an overall sustainability program. Our highly interactive, visual approach gets everyone's ideas on the table. You identify issues, quantify your goals and develop a vision of the future shared by every business and department.
  • HP Energy and Sustainability Baselining Service—Our baselining service uses accepted accounting principles to accurately account for your energy use and GHG emissions. Our structured approach and industry-leading software identify where to get the best information and how best to capture it. Then we help you set up a framework for ongoing collection and reporting resource information accurately and fairly.

Meet the Expert

Connect with our TS experts who can plan a facility from the ground up to achieve energy efficiency and accommodate IT growth. And if you want to achieve LEED certification or conform to the European Commission Code of Conduct for data centers, our design will get you there.