We help you develop the roadmap to get you where you want to go.

  • HP Energy and Sustainability Roadmap Service—We begin with the high-level goals established in the Energy and Sustainability Discovery Workshop. Then we help you develop tangible and actionable plans to reduce energy use, GHG emissions and cost.
  • HP Energy Efficiency Analysis Service—We help improve the energy efficiency of your facilities—both the data center and the enterprise as a whole. We identify inefficiencies. And we show you how to improve and how much you'll save.
  • HP Buildings Water Usage Analysis—We analyze water consumption patterns, identify inefficiencies and quantify associated gas emissions. We make recommendations for improving water efficiency.
  • HP Thermal Assessment Service—We examine cooling and power systems within your data center to identify thermal inefficiencies. We recommend adjustments and changes to air handling units and the provisioning of IT equipment.

Meet the Experts

Connect with our TS experts who can plan a facility from the ground up to achieve energy efficiency and accommodate IT growth. And if you want to achieve LEED certification or conform to the European Commission Code of Conduct for data centers, our design will get you there.