Once you reach your initial goals, our energy services and sustainability services help you continually track and improve your environmental sustainability.

  • HP Resource Usage Monitoring Service—We monitor and report your energy and water usage on an ongoing basis. This lets you track your usage to see when and where you need to improve. The service uses monitoring technology we provide. And it enables near-real-time graphical visualization of water and energy usage at the sub-meter level.
  • HP Energy and Carbon Reporting Service—We perform a comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and audit to determine your carbon and GHG footprint. We analyze inputs including energy usage, travel, materials, parts, and water and waste management. We examine industry-specific production such as packaging, components, inventory and transportation. Our audit addresses both the facility and process level, so you know where to target improvements.

Meet the Experts

Connect with our TS experts who can plan a facility from the ground up to achieve energy efficiency and accommodate IT growth. And if you want to achieve LEED certification or conform to the European Commission Code of Conduct for data centers, our design will get you there.