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Your business continues to face the familiar front office challenges of accelerating growth, containing costs, and sustaining loyalty. When you add in the nexus of powerful yet disruptive forces – cloud, social, mobility, and analytics – many companies are unsure how to navigate through the obstacles and opportunities. HP’s suite of Dynamics CRM consulting services and business process solutions can help you chart a path forward to effectively plan and start your journey.

Get more choice and flexibility

As your Dynamics CRM single point of contact, HP provides you the flexibility to meet your customer-facing goals in today’s volatile business environment.

  • Flexibility in developing solutions – HP has vertical and cross-industry business process solution accelerators to address critical industry-specific challenges. As a leading global systems integrator, we have a growing suite of innovative solutions that enhance Dynamics CRM with tools from HP and select partners.
  • Flexibility in deploying solutions – HP’s global Dynamics CRM practice will collaborate with you to determine which application deployment model is best. We can deliver your solutions to you in our virtual private cloud, in your own private cloud, on-premises in your data center, or in a hybrid model.
  • Flexibility in financing solutions – HP Financial Services leasing, asset management, and financing solutions make it easy for you to easily and economically manage your business technology investment and reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Transform your business: The New Style of IT

HP’s global Microsoft Dynamics CRM practice of 250 certified practitioners in more than 20 countries provides a full range of consulting services to help you transform to a new style of business – a New Style of IT:

  • Optimize your front and back offices – Our Dynamics CRM practice can custom build your end-to-end solutions to enhance critical business relationships with key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Accelerate productivity – HP BPaaS vertical and cross-industry solution accelerators reduce risk and increase speed to value.
  • Increase flexibility – Choose from our many deployment models—cloud, on-premises, or hybrid—that best support your business needs.
  • Untether employees – Our innovative solutions support the full range of company standard and bring your own device form factors – from desktop to laptop, tablet, and smartphone— to empower work to be done anywhere.
  • Reduce operational costs – Dynamics CRM solutions leverage your existing Microsoft license agreements and reduce technology costs while reducing training time and costs through shorter learning curves.
  • Easily adopt and integrate – Dynamics CRM uses the familiar Outlook and Office interfaces and provides native integration with popular Microsoft products.


Everest uses HP Helion Business Applications for Microsoft Dynamics

Start Your Journey with HP’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Practice

Businesses today across commercial industries and the public sector are faced with an extraordinary set of disruptive technologies. These forces are radically transforming the market landscape to a new style of business – a New Style of IT - by shifting power, influence and control away from companies and towards the consumer.

These four new converging technologies, which industry analysts refer to as “the Nexus of Forces” or disruptive technologies, include the cloud, mobility, social networks, and analytics/big data.

At HP, we’ve helped many clients around the world solve their most challenging business problems through our suite of professional consulting services and cloud solutions based on Microsoft’s market leading Dynamics CRM platform.

Learn more about HP solutions in each of these four areas of innovative yet disruptive technologies:

Cloud SolutionsCloud Solutions

Private cloud service using Microsoft® SharePoint® to connect people within your enterprise and beyond.

Virtual private cloud email service based on Microsoft Exchange through a single tenant, dedicated environment for messaging.

Multi-platform voice and video communication services to simplify employee interactions, improve operations, and reduce expenditures.

A comprehensive overview of your applications to determine their suitability for cloud conversion.

Understand the implications of not only the technology aspects of your strategy, but most importantly, the people and process elements.

Provides the technology, resources and services to design, build and manage a complete, dedicated enterprise-level private cloud solution.

Social SolutionsSocial Solutions

Capture and analyze social, mobile, and unstructured data with existing structured data, and translate insight into action.

Management of contact centers leveraging social media analysis to accelerate revenue growth, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and reduce operating costs.

Mobility SolutionsMobility Solutions

Provides “anywhere at any time” access to your business and personal applications and information.

Provides a complete enterprise mobility management service.

Leverages market leading software testing tools for mobile devices.

Provides an efficient and flexible mobile management solution across device types and platforms.

Provides a complete enterprise mobility management service.

Productivity combined with enterprise-class security with our premium Windows® 8 tablet powered by the latest Intel® Atom processor.

Gives you the power of two devices in one with our new Windows 8 notebook.

Analytics SolutionsAnalytics Solutions

Derive deep insight from enterprise information by understanding your needs for information and helps you distribute it to your organizations, customers, partners, and broader business ecosystems.

Provides a comprehensive set of services enabling you to develop and deploy an enterprise BI and content management strategy using SharePoint and related Microsoft solutions.

Provides robust advanced analytics through integration of our Vertica Analytics Platform within your existing infrastructure.

Provides an organized, disciplined, and comprehensive approach to planning, governing, and connecting intelligence across your organization.

Helps you develop the technical, process, and organizational architectures required to capture, manage, and deliver consistent and accurate information so you can share it across the organization.

Leverage a variety of software and solution delivery models, including on-premise installation, hosted, Software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud computing, and multi-tenant SaaS (cloud deployment).

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