Managing risk and compliance

Your enterprise is increasing focus on the protection and security of customers as your data center embraces virtualization and the cloud. Properly managing risk and compliance is difficult enough under normal circumstances. When you add in the complexities of a major data center transformation several concerns surface:

  • Command and control – You need to make sure security and continuity programs are operating effectively
  • Threats and vulnerabilities – You demand risk management processes that determine what new and emerging threats and issues could be introduced
  • Legal and regulatory – There are compliance issues that need clarification and adherence for these new changes to take effect

We understand how to properly protect your data center with these complexities in mind. We embed security into data center projects from the beginning so it doesn’t become an afterthought. That is why our HP Data Center Protection Services suite consists of:

  • HP DC Protection Optimization Service – Analyses current state data center logical and physical information/asset security controls and investments. The service determines how to optimize their effectiveness to meet your personalized data center needs.
  • HP DC GRC Readiness Service – Evaluates how future state GRC influences will impact your security program practices. Recommendations are made on changes and new requirements for governance, risk, and compliance practices to address noted gaps between current state and future state required controls.
  • HP DC Protection Management Service – HP analyzes the manner in which logical (eg: digital information) and physical (eg: facilities and IT assets) security threats and vulnerabilities are monitored and managed in order to recommend ways to improve security operations of gathering and assimilation of threat data and protection of information and assets. A review of data center management technologies such as HP ArcSight software or TippingPoint technology currently used for environmental management, security management, and continuity of operations management is performed.

Our HP DC Protection Services Suite focuses on comprehensive security for your data center against physical and logical threats, while maintaining legal and regulatory compliance. By being integrated within HP’s Data Center Consulting Services portfolio, the suite complements the DC transformation and Converged Infrastructure vision and helps to deliver effective protection for modern data centers.

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