Challenges and solutions

HP Flight Operations is a new suite of mission-critical solutions that enables airlines to integrate systems and manage resource conflicts in order to successfully complete daily flight schedules. Our solution enables airlines to increase the efficiency of their operations, reduce costs and improve overall passenger satisfaction.

Airlines today face numerous challenges that impact their ability to run smooth flight operations, recover efficiently from irregular operations and offer a superior passenger experience. Many operations systems run in silos and do not provide reliable information. As a result, operations personnel are unable to make quick, effective decisions to resolve operational issues. These factors lead to lower productivity and higher overall costs.

Our solutions have been designed and developed to provide flight operations personnel with direct access in real time to the information they need via intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces – enabling them to quickly solve operational problems and minimize passenger impact when challenges arise.

Our flight operations solutions include:

  • Airline Integration Platform: Delivered on a services-based architecture, this platform integrates our full suite of solutions with external systems, whether provided by third-party vendors or developed in-house.
  • Airport Operations Portal: We enable ramp and airport operations personnel to resolve operational issues that arise from weather events, aircraft, and air traffic congestion as well as flight, ground crew and infrastructure constraints. We provide efficient monitoring and alerts using real-time information, which can help operations personnel reduce delays and improve the passenger experience.
  • Ops+ Air-to-Ground Messaging: We improve communications in real time with aircraft and flight crews on the ground and in the air. Our solution may help achieve gains such as shorter aircraft turn times, reduced fuel costs, increased labor efficiencies and improved on-time flight performance.
  • Ops+ Aircraft Movement: We enable effective management of flight, aircraft, crew and other resource conflicts to successfully complete daily flight schedules as well as improve productivity and reduce costs.

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Client Speaks Video: US Airways Group - SaaS keeps systems running

Client Speaks Video: US Airways Group - SaaS keeps systems running