High-end enterprise WAN routers that operate at the WAN edge and core layers of campus and data center locations, delivering carrier-class reliability as well as comprehensive WAN routing, switching, and security services.


Quality of Service (QoS)

Hierarchical QoS (HQoS): provides a built-in QoS engine that supports hierarchical QoS (HQoS) and can implement a hierarchical scheduling mechanism based on ports, user groups, users, and user services; also cooperates with MPLS traffic engineering (TE) to implement bandwidth reservation and scheduling based on tunnels and services
Schedule algorithm: supports strict priority (SP) queuing, weighted round robin (WRR) queuing, weighted fair queuing (WFQ), class-based queuing (CBQ), and low latency queuing (LLQ)
Congestion avoidance mechanism: supports tail drop and weighted random early detection (WRED)


Management interface control: provides management access through modem port and terminal interface, as well as in-band and out-of-band Ethernet ports; provides access through terminal interface, telnet, or SSH
Industry-standard CLI with a hierarchical structure: reduces training time and expenses, and increases productivity in multivendor installations
Management security: includes multiple administration levels, with password protection and restricted access to critical configuration commands; access control lists (ACLs) provide telnet and SNMP access; local and remote syslog capability allows logging of all access
SNMP v1, v2, and v3: provides complete support of SNMP as well as full support of industry-standard MIBs and private MIB extensions
Remote monitoring (RMON): uses standard SNMP to monitor essential network functions; supports events, alarm, history, and statistics group plus a private alarm extension group


High port density: provides up to 12 interface module slots, up to 192 OC3/OC12 POS ports, or 576 Gigabit Ethernet ports per 8812 system
Flexible port selection: provides a combination of fiber and copper interface modules, 100/1000BASE-X auto-speed selection, and 10/100/1000BASE-T auto-speed detection plus auto duplex and MDI/MDI-X; speed adaptable between 155 M POS and 622 M POS/Gigabit Ethernet
Packet storm protection: protects against broadcast, multicast, or unicast storms with user-defined thresholds
Multiple WAN interfaces: support Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet/10GbE ports, OC3~OC192 POS, ATM ports, and 10GbE RPR


Industry-leading performance: provides switching capacity up to 1440 Gbps and forwarding performance up to 864 Mpps
Flexible chassis selection: offers three models: 12 I/O-slot chassis, 8 I/O-slot chassis, 5 I/O-slot chassis
Scalable system design: enables smooth bandwidth upgrade
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