The HP HSR6800 Router Series is a portfolio of high-performance WAN services routers, ideal for large-scale data center and campus WAN networks. These routers are built with a multi-core distributed processing architecture that scales up to 420 Mpps forwarding and up to 2 Tbps switch capacity.

They deliver robust routing (MPLS, IPv4, IPv6, dynamic routing, nested QoS), security (stateful firewall, IPsec/Dynamic VPN, DoS protection, NAT), full Layer 2 switching, traffic analysis capabilities, and high-density 10 GbE (and 40/100 GbE-ready) WAN interface options, all integrated in a single powerful routing platform. In addition, the HSR6800 Router Series are the first service aggregation routers in the industry to support system virtualization by taking advantage of HP innovative Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology.



Multiple WAN interfaces: support Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet/10GbE ports, OC3~OC48 POS/CPOS, and ATM ports
Flexible port selection: provides a combination of fiber/copper interface modules, 100/1000BASE-X auto-speed selection, and 10/100/1000BASE-T auto-speed detection plus auto duplex and MDI/MDI-X; is speed adaptable between 155 M POS/622 M POS/Gigabit Ethernet
Loopback: supports internal loopback testing for maintenance purposes and an increase in availability; loopback detection protects against incorrect cabling or network configurations and can be enabled on a per-port or per-VLAN basis for added flexibility


High-performance platform: provides up to 420 Mpps in forwarding and up to 2 Tbps switching capacity
Variety of high performance FIP modules: Up to 30 Mpps with FIP-600Up to 14 Gbps HW Encryption with FIP-300 & FIP-310
Variety of high performance SAP Modules: Flexibility with 10GbE & 1GbE SAP Module options

Resiliency and high availability

HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology : HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology is HP's innovative technology that connects multiple routers through physical IRF ports to achieve system virtualization. All routers appears as one node on the network to allow for simplified configuration, while achieving high resiliency and increased system expandability at lower cost.
Separate data and control planes: provide greater flexibility and enable continual services
Hot-swappable modules: facilitates the replacement of hardware interface modules without impacting the traffic flow through the system
Optional redundant power supply: provides uninterrupted power; allows hot-swapping of one of the two supplies when installed
Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP): allows groups of two routers to dynamically back each other up to create highly available routed environments

Product architecture

Distributed processing: two kinds of engines are hardware-separated: main controller engine (routing engine) and service engines (Flexible Interface Platform FIP and Service Aggregation Platform SAP); the main controller engine is used for route computing and system management, and service engines are used for processing services
HP Apollo Processor: HP in-house designed service/forwarding processor supporting powerful parallel processing, encryption and comprehensive HQoS functionalities.
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