Are traditional servers more than you need for your scale-out big data, Web and content delivery network workloads? Are you paying for underutilized servers that use more and more space and energy? Companies running scale-out big data applications, serving web pages, images, videos, or downloads over the Internet often need to carry out simultaneous lightweight computing tasks over and over, at widely distributed locations. The HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridge based on the Intel® Atom™ System on a Chip (SOC) delivers breakthrough performance and scale with up to 360 processor cores, 1,440 GB of memory and 45 TB of storage in a single Moonshot System.        


A Platform for Big Data with NoSQL/NewSQL

NoSQL/NewSQL on HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridges gives cost-effective scalable performance for online transactional processing and maintains the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) of traditional databases.
NoSQL/NewSQL thrives in a distributed cluster of shared-nothing nodes like the HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridges. SQL queries are split into query fragments and sent to the node that owns the data. These databases are able to scale linearly as nodes are added, without suffering from bottlenecks.

Scale-out Platform for Your Web Needs

Companies need the scalability of the HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridge to serve web pages, including image and video downloads while carrying out simultaneous lightweight computing tasks over and over, at widely distributed locations.
For Web workloads, a platform based on the HP ProLiant m300 Server Cartridge means you don’t waste energy, space, and money on a high-end server when a low-cost density-optimized server can handle the job.

Content Delivery Anytime from Any Device

The m300 Server Cartridge provides high-speed efficient transcoding of media streams to match specific user devices. This allows efficient management of content by reducing library size and transcoding on demand, for specific device characteristics.
Using less energy and space at a lower cost compared to traditional servers, the compact m300 Server Cartridge has Intel Atom-based SOCs to quickly deliver Web content to a variety of mobile devices.