HP Warranty Services

HP Warranty Services provide a warranty administration solution that helps curtail fraudulent claims, manage service partners, and leverage warranty event data into strategic product lifecycle planning. Hosted in the HP Cloud Solution Center, the services offer warranty analytics, dashboard, and collaboration.

Inside HP Warranty Services

HP Warranty Services offer an integrated set of capabilities that include:

  • Profiles and policy administration
  • Extended warranty management
  • Claim processing
  • Warranty business rule engine
  • Online parts ordering and tracking
  • Warranty effectiveness
  • Integrated swap stock management
  • RMA management
  • Supplier cost recovery

Why HP?

With our high-performance, web-based, business-to-business warranty and product failure management system, we can help you cut your warranty spend on fraud and inadequate claims validation, improve dealer and customer satisfaction, and enhance product quality.


The HP Approach

Our expert team analyzes your warranty process maturity and develops a high-performance customizable solution that integrates with your web and legacy environments. To ensure a seamless solution rollout, we perform user testing at key sites, followed by pilots in specific regions and countries.


Improving product quality

HP Warranty Services enable improved product design, lower warranty-related cost, improved supplier collaborations, guaranteed regulatory compliance, and confidence among dealers. The world’s premier companies have trusted our solution for over 15 years.


Contact Us

If you represent a commercial enterprise interested in buying business process outsourcing warranty services and software for your business, please contact us at: BPO Warranty Services.

If you need HP product support, please go to the top of this web page and select “Support”.



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