HP ServiceOne Enterprise partners are here to help you

HP ServiceOne Enterprise identifies the HP Technology Services partners that offer comprehensive services and deep solution expertise. ServiceOne Enterprise partners are well versed with your customers’ business environment and industry trends. They offer you expert advice on the right services for the job at hand, and have ready access to HP’s global resources - a benefit reserved only for ServiceOne Enterprise partners.

ServiceOne Enterprise partners sell HP solutions through all phases of the IT solution lifecycle. This includes flexible services and support options to give you the peace of mind to focus on your business.

HP Gold ServiceOne Enterprise and HP Silver ServiceOne Enterprise Specialists:

HP Gold ServiceOne Enterprise and HP Silver ServiceOne Enterprise Specialists are two tiers of partners that sell HP Services. Many of these partners are also certified to deliver your HP Services as well.

  • HP Silver ServiceOne Enterprise Specialist: Participate in the foundational level of partnership. Available to organizations with a proven track record of partnership with HP Technology Services.
  • HP Gold ServiceOne Enterprise Specialist: Represent our premier level of HP ServiceOne Enterprise partners.

HP ServiceOne Enterprise partners are identified by their annual HP ServiceOne Certificate and HP ServiceOne Enterprise Specialist insignia.


Choosing an HP ServiceOne Enterprise partner:

We know that choosing a partner is a tough decision. We want to ensure that you’re comfortable and feel confident with your choice. To that end, HP carefully vets all HP ServiceOne Enterprise partners; including careful evaluation of their business models and practices. When you choose an HP ServiceOne Enterprise partner, you:

  • Get local expertise and personalized service backed by HP resources. HP ServiceOne Enterprise partners can stop problems before they affect your business. Only HP ServiceOne Enterprise partners are authorized to use HP’s automated support technologies—such as Insight Remote Support—to monitor your environment and take fast action whenever something goes wrong.
  • Work with highly experienced IT professionals who understand HP solutions. HP certified professionals can help you do more, and do it better. Unlike unauthorized resellers, HP ServiceOne Enterprise partners (both Silver and Gold) are required to employ HP-certified professionals.
  • Benefit from HP insights, intellectual property, and parts inventory.
    • Never wait for answers—or spare parts. HP ServiceOne Enterprise partners receive exclusive access to HP expertise, such as fast access to experts, sales and delivery tools, as well as latest trainings & skills.
    • Know that all your HP systems are running the latest firmware. Only HP ServiceOne Enterprise partners have access to HP firmware updates and patches.
    • Are guaranteed that your installation will be completed by HP-certified engineers. When you work with HP ServiceOne Enterprise partners, you can feel confident that only HP-certified engineers will install solutions in your environment.

What makes a Gold ServiceOne Enterprise partner stand apart?

The Gold classification is HP’s premier level of partnership. These partners demonstrate our highest standards of service capability—– meeting the most rigorous service standards. In addition, HP Gold ServiceOne Enterprise partners:

  • Deliver services that support your HP hardware portfolio of commercial and enterprise technologies.
  • Handle any break/fix support issues across both enterprise and commercial HP technologies.
  • Meet HP’s most rigorous technical certification requirements.

You can be sure HP Gold ServiceOne Enterprise partners have a thorough understanding of HP solutions and complex IT challenges.


Find solution to your business and IT challenges

Contact your local HP ServiceOne Enterprise partner and find out how they can help you solve your complex IT problems and achieve business goals.