Enhance your user experience with a simplified workplace

HP Workplace Management and Support Services provide a globally consistent, full lifecycle suite of services designed to meet your unique business and IT needs and simplify your workplace. HP experts develop a clear plan to transform traditional and virtualized environments with quick and efficient deployment strategies that are minimally disruptive to users and operations. We give your users support they need to keep your organization running smoothly.


Benefit from our integrated solution for virtual devices

HP Client Virtualization Services provides a HP-operated, cost-effective alternative to traditional desktops and locally installed Windows-based applications by centralizing applications and desktops in a data center, private cloud, or virtual private cloud.

This fully managed service includes the design, implementation, and managed operations for hosting virtualized Windows based applications and desktops. We offer the most flexibility around user compute by delivering a variety of virtual compute styles, including presentation and desktop virtualization models. We enable access from a variety of devices including tablets, smartphones, thin devices, and PCs. HP gives your users a consistent experience with personalization and performance enhancements across any device used to access the client virtualization environment.


Service flexibility supported by financial choices

We know it is expensive to manage highly customized aging infrastructure and user devices. We provide an OPEX model that greatly reduces your capital requirements and leverages your existing IT investments wherever possible. The predictable monthly price per seat means no need to budget for refreshes, and no asset maintenance issues. Furthermore, our assessment-based solutions enable more accurate user profile segmentation leading to compute models assigned by user group to generate the best value.


Your optimized solutions empowered by HP

Keeping up with the latest technology is difficult, especially with an overburdened IT staff, which undoubtedly negatively impacts user productivity. Stringent industry or regulatory security requirements must not be ignored or delayed. There is a constant struggle to provide users the quality support they need in all the places they work and for all the devices they use, including enabling BYOD programs.

We collaborate on your future vision, define it, take you on the journey, and continually manage your workplace for you. The pace of change is made just right for you, meaning we can help you transform your enterprise all at once or incrementally, or anything in between. We know how important it is to leverage existing IT investments, and provide users reliable, consistent support.

Best of all, you stay in control. Configurable user profiles let you match each employee's business role with the right combination of hardware and support, so you decide who gets what, including packaged applications and level of support.


HP makes users and IT more productive

HP provides highly accessible, superior quality, consistent support available online, on the phone, or face to face. From workplace devices and software, HP offers the right mix of management automation, and support choices to make users most productive. Analytics are used to target improvement opportunities based on service desk contacts. As a trusted partner with extensive experience and expertise, HP lets you drive overall cost savings and provide users a new level of service experience.


Workplace Management and Support

Asset Management Services

Track, control and report on hardware and software assets through every phase of their lifecycle. The service improves visibility and full utilization of enterprise assets while maintaining data needed to ensure fiscal and regulatory compliance.

Client Virtualization Services

HP Client Virtualization Services (CVS) provides a HP-operated, cost-effective alternative to traditional desktops and locally installed Windows-based applications by centralizing applications and desktops in a data center. Data security is improved by keeping data off end point devices, including mobile devices that are easily lost or stolen.

Managed Print Services

Streamline management, cut costs and increase the productivity of your HP and non-HP print environment. We provide you with everything you need to maintain and support cost-effective, productive printing.

Service Desk Services

Resolve all of your IT-related questions, incidents, and requests with a single point of contact. Users get valuable, end-to-end support and have multiple contact options that ensure you get more value from your IT investment. Contact options include phone, email, chat and access to self-service tools through our comprehensive portal.

Site Support Services

Let HP’s experienced on-site support technicians resolve issues which cannot be handled remotely to ensure a great user experience and get them back to work and operate your business efficiently and reliably. HP Site Support Services works as an extension of our Service Desk Services.

Workplace Management Services

Transform your desktop environment to a utility model that tightly aligns with your business and user productivity needs. HP Workplace Management Services is a unique, user profile-driven offering that streamlines and transforms your overall workplace environment. This highly configurable service covers the full lifecycle of workplace management, starting with application assessment and packaging, image development and management, device deployment, and ongoing software and OS management.