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HP helps governments at all levels deliver superior public value by enabling them to:

  • Successfully achieve policy and mission outcomes
  • Optimize costs and do more with less
  • Meet quality expectations for citizen service
  • Maintain the public’s trust

HP understands the unique missions of government, and can help address your key priorities and challenges. Leveraging our expertise in the public and private sectors, HP delivers innovative solutions that help you achieve critical outcomes.

Defense and National Security

Today's defense and security organizations face unique challenges, demanding greater levels of information, higher levels of security, network-enabled war-fighting capability and modernized support functions.

Public Safety and Justice

Citizens expect safe communities to raise families and work, and expect their governments to be on top of public safety with quick response to emergencies, safe streets, and low crime rates. Citizens also expect a fair and timely justice and corrections system.

Finance and Administration

For governments at all levels, effective financial management and administration are critical. HP knows how to navigate these complex business and technology issues and can help governments and public sector agencies address these multi-faceted challenges.

State, Local and Provincial Government Services

A governments' ability to provide services to constituents is being challenged by budgetary pressures, regulatory guidelines, aging demographics, and heightened concerns over security and privacy. Our IT solutions, built in collaboration with our government clients, have enhanced the citizen experience, reduced costs and fraud, and improved business process accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Health and Human Services

Changing demographics and significant budget pressures have put a strain on health and human services organizations. However, through innovative technologies and IT services, HP can help lower administration costs, reduce fraud, waste and abuse, and improve quality of services.

Additional Government Services

Agile governments seek IT innovation to support and improve a wide variety of transportation and other government services. HP can help you successfully address your transportation challenges and citizen engagement, so you can achieve your policy outcomes.